June 29, 2008

What are Subnet Mask ?

Hello friends in this post we again see some common terms that are most frequently used in the networking world.In this post i am going to tell you what is Subnet Mask and Gateway.
Subnet Mask:The term subnet is used in place of the word subnetwork.Subnet Mask is used to determine the class to which a particular IP address belongs.As all we know that an IP address has two parts Network part and host part.A subnet mask separates the IP address into the network and host addresses (). Subnetting further divides the host part of an IP address into a subnet and host address ().In addition to this a subnet mask neither works like an IP address, nor does it exist independently from them. Instead, subnet masks accompany an IP address and the two values work together.Subnetting an IP network is to separate a big network into smaller multiple networks for reorganization and security purposes. All nodes (hosts) in a subnetwork see all packets transmitted by any node in a network. Performance of a network is adversely affected under heavy traffic load due to collisions and retransmissions.
Applying a subnet mask to an IP address separates network address from host address. The network bits are represented by the 1's in the mask, and the host bits are represented by 0's. Performing a bitwise logical AND operation on the IP address with the subnet mask produces the network address. For example, applying the Class C subnet mask to our IP address produces the following network address:

IP: 1101 1000 . 0000 0011 . 1000 0000 . 0000 1100 (
Mask: 1111 1111 . 1111 1111 . 1111 1111 . 0000 0000 (
1101 1000 . 0000 0011 . 1000 0000 . 0000 0000 (

In general different class IP address has different subnet mask:
Class Mask Binary Format
A 11111111.00000000.0000000.00000000
B 11111111.11111111.00000000.00000000
C 11111111.11111111.11111111.00000000

June 28, 2008

Concept of NIC(Network Interface Card)

Hello friends in this post i am going to tell you about the most important part of any computer that is required to connect a computer to the network cable.In this post we see how NIC works,belongs to which network layer and many other things related to it.

NIC stands for Network Interface Card.From its name its function is very much clear.A NIC has many other names like network card,network adapter or LAN adapter.The main function of NIC is to provide connectivity between the PC and the network's physical medium through the cable.Now this cable may be of copper or fiber optic cable.NIC is both layer 1(Physical Layer) and layer 2(Data Link Layer) device.
Older computers did not have any enbuilt NIC in them, for network connectivity we have to add NIC externally.But now a days NIC is enbuilt in the motherboard of the computers.NIC cards use ethernet connections and are available in 10, 100, and 1000 Base-T configurations. A 100 Base-T card can transfer data at 100 Mbps.In addition to provide connection to the network,NICs has one important function of data conversion.Data travels in parallel on the PCI's bus system, but the network medium demands a serial transmission.The transceiver, a transmitter and receiver, on the NIC has the ability to move data from parallel to serial and vice versa.

The Network Interface cards has also the ability of supplying a basic addressing system that can be used to get data from one computer to another on the network.The MAC(Medium Access Control) address of any computer is burned on the ROM chip on the NIC.The major companies that manufactured NICs are 3Com,Realtek and Linksys etc.

June 27, 2008

Concept of Wi-Fi

In today's computer world all of us are definitely aware of the term Wi-Fi.In this post i am going to told you about what Wi-Fi is, how it works and many other things related to it.

The term Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity. The Wi-Fi simply means the wireless network or in more precise form we can say that Wi-Fi is local area network that uses high frequency radio signals to transmit and receive data over distances of a few hundred feet by using the ethernet protocol.The term Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity. All the systems that uses 802.11 standard are come under the Wi-Fi network.This standard is developed by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE).

The range of this wireless network is about 200 feet or 61 m.In general we can say that any user within 200 feet or so (about 61 meters) of the access point can then connect to the Internet, though for good transfer rates, distances of 100 feet (30.5 meters) or less are more common.Now Wi-Fi network can be of two types either it may be open or closed.In open Wi-Fi network any one can access the network while in the case of closed network you need a password to access the network.Wi-Fi technology uses radio for communication, typically operating at a frequency of 2.4GHz.The main aim behind the development of the Wi-Fi is to cater to the lightweight computing systems of the future, which are mobile and designed to consume minimal power. Today you found various devices that are Wi-Fi enabled likes laptops,mobiles,PDAs etc.Now a days more research work on Wi-Fi technology is going on and its range has been increased from 300 feets to 600 feets.

June 26, 2008

Top Engineering Colleges of year 2008

Hello friends in this post i am going you to tell the latest ranking of premier engineering colleges in India. This ranking will definitely help the students in selecting engineering colleges for them.As all we aware that it is dream of every student they complete their engineering from IITs. That is the main reason behind that,IITs are always at the top in this list. Now lets begin with the ranking, in year 2008 that is also the golden jubilee year of IIT Kharagpur, this IIT proved its capability again and at the top in the chart. After this IIT Kanpur and IIT Chennai shares the 2nd and 3rd spot in the list. Now the most amazing change that came this year is that BITS Pilani has beaten IIT Delhi,IIT Mumbai,IIT Roorkee and IIT Guwahati and secured the 4th position in the list.After that IIT Delhi,IIT Mumbai,IIT Roorkee and IIT Guwahati secured the 5th,6th,7th and 8th position respectively in the list. After that the pride of Delhi, Delhi College of Engineering(DCE) has secured the 9th rank in the list. The 10th position in the list is occupied by another Birla Group college that is BITS Ranchi.

Top 10 Colleges Of India

1. IIT Kharagpur
2. IIT Kanpur
3. IIT Chennai
4. BITS Pilani
5. IIT Delhi
6. IIT Mumbai
7. IIT Roorhee
8. IIT Guwahati
9. Delhi College of Engineering Delhi
10. BITS Ranchi

June 24, 2008

Fastest Silicon Chip

Now the day comes when Intel launches its fastest chip that is totally made of silicon . The main aim behind the launching of this chip is to made a chip that can encode 200 gigabits of data per second on a beam of light. As all we know the fastest chips that are used today in fastest optical networks operate at speeds of 100 gigabits per second. All these 100 gigabits chips are made from non-silicon materials so that they have some limitations while in the case of Intel's chip it doesn't, these intel chips can scale to faster speeds as less expensively as can those are not made from silicon.

The main reason behind the use of silicon for the manufacturing of chips is that its optical properties are inferior to those of other semiconductors and also it doesn't produce, detect, and manipulate photons as well as materials such as indium phosphide and gallium arsenide.This new Intel test chip splits an incoming beam of light into eight channels. Within each channel is a modulator, a device that encodes data onto light. After the beams are encoded with data, they are recombined. In the tests, each modulator ran at a rate of 25 gigabits per second, and each performed nearly identically.As it is already proved by Intel researchers that silicon could be used to build a one-gigabit-per-second modulator and in 2005, the team boosted the speed to 10 gigabits per second.

June 15, 2008

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Best Credit Card Network

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