October 23, 2008

Review on Baseball Gloves

If you are in search of a company from where you will get each and every accessories of all the standard games,then your search stops here at Franklin sports.But here in this post we are mainly focus on Baseball Gloves that are provided by Franklin sports to you.As all we know that during summer days when we play baseball there collects a lot of sweat on our palm and sometimes this may cause infection on our body.But the baseball gloves that you found here at Franklin sports provides you Microbial bacteria protection in the palm and finger so that you are completely protected from any bacterial attack.

In addition to this these gloves are made in such a way that they provides good air flow to keep fingers dry so that you have better grip on your gloves.You can also try their other baseball accessories for your child.All of their baseball accessories are made from high quality materials and much less in cost in comparison to other companies accessories. This firm is the leading brand name in Youth Baseball Equipment. Their ready to play line of Baseball Gloves are excellent quality gloves with the quality leather and lacing you’d expect from a major baseball glove manufacturer. Whatever quality of equipments you are searching for, this your one stop store.

October 22, 2008

Packages of Different companies for freshers(Updated)

What is average salary for fresh software engineers? Well depends on your college/degree, salaries can vary from private colleges to NITs/BITs/IITs with the highest range being for IITs (offcourse!!). Do IITians work better than other guys? Well in some cases, may be not because they are capable of, but to prove that they are better. Nature of work in software companies does not give ample scope to those with more gray cells.

Salary also varies from non-computer science to computer science, MCA to B.Tech to M.Tech. The following figures give an indication of the fresh engineer salary; there is no way to compare the exact in-hand salary as the salary component also varies from company to company. If you take into account the purchasing power parity, a high salary in Mumbai may not be equal to a much lower salary in Hyderabad.

Companies Packages

Accenture 3.1 lacs p.a

Adobe 6 - 8 lacs p.a

Airvana Networks 4.2 lacs p.a

Alstom 3.4 lacs per annum

Amazon 6 lacs p.a

AOL 6 lacs p.a

Applied Materials 5.5 per annum

Aricent 4.2 lacs p.a

Ashok Leyland 4.0 lacs p.a

Attrenta 4.8 lacs p.a

Amdocs 3.9lacs p.a

Avaya 4 lacs

BHEL 4.2 lacs p.a

BirlaSoft 2.2 lacs p.a

C-Dot 4.9 lacs pa(before applying pay commission)

CISCO 5.6 - 6.0 lacs p.a

Computer Associates 5 lacs p.a

CTS 3 lacs p.a

Capgemini 3 lacs p.a

CSC 3.8 lacs p.a

Cybage 2.9 lacs pa

DE Shaw 11.0 lacs p.a

Deloitte 4.25 lacs p.a

Mphasis 3 lacs p.a

Ericsson 3.5 lacs p.a

Fiorano 5.0 lacs p.a

Freescale 5 lacs p.a

Futures First 6.5 lacs p.a

Globalogic 4 lacs p.a

Google 12 lacs p.a

GE 3.5 lacs p.a

Grail Research 6 lacs p.a

Grapecity 5 lacs p.a

HCL 3 lacs p.a

Honeywell 4 lacs p.a

HP Labs 4 lacs p.a

HP (R&D) 4.75 lacs p.a

IBM GBS 3.5 lacs p.a

IBM ISL 5 lacs p.a

I-flex 2.5 lacs p.a

Impulsesoft 4 lacs p.a

Interra Systems 4.5 lacs p.a

Intergraph 2.8 lacs p.a

Integra 6 lacs p.a

Infogain 2.5 lacs p.a

Infosys 3.5 lacs p.a

Ivy Comptech 5 lacs p.a

Kanbay 2.8 lacs p.a

Kritical 5.5 lacs p.a

Kotak Mahindra 4.5 lacs p.a

L&T 3.2 lacs p.a

Logica 3.6 lacs p.a

Mckinsey and Co 7.5 lacs p.a

Microsoft 8.8 - 9.2 lacs p.a

MindTree 3 lacs p.a

Misys 4.35 lacs p.a

Morgan Stanley 7 lacs p.a (Update: 9.8 lacs p.a)

Motorola 5 lacs p.a

Nokia 3.5 lacs p.a

NTPC 7.0 lacs p.a

Nucleus 3.0 lacs pa

Onmobile 4.5 lacs p.a

Oracle 6.2 p.a

Oracle SSI 5.5 lacs p.a

Oracle ST 8.31 lacs p.a

Patni 3.2 lacs p.a

Perot Systems 2.8 lacs p.a

Persistent System 3.7 lacs p.a

Polaris 2.5 lacs p.a

Redpine Signals 4.5 lacs p.a

Rocsearch 5.2 lacs p.a

SAP Labs 4.2 lacs p.a

Samsung 4.5 lacs p.a

Sapient Technologies ( 3.57 during training and 4 lacs p.a after training)

Satyam Computers 3.5 lacs p.a

Siemens 3.8 lacs p.a

Sonata 2.5 lacs p.a

STM 4.5 lacs p.a

Sun Microsystems 5.6 lacs p.a

Syntel 3 lacs p.a

SSA Global 3.5 lacs p.a

Texas Instruments 5.5 lacs p.a

TATA Steel 4.5 lacs p.a

Tata Elxsi 3.2 lacs p.a

Tavant 3.6 lacs p.a

TCS 3.2 lacs p.a

T-Mobile 8.0 lacs p.a

ThoughtWorks 5.2 lacs p.a

Trilogy 8 lacs p.a

Tech Mahindra 3 lacs p.a

Teradata 3 lacs p.a

Torry Harris 3 lacs p.a

Verizon 4.2 lacs p.a

Virtusa 2.4 lacs p.a

Xilinx 6 lacs p.a

Yasu Technologies 3.5 lacs p.a

Yahoo 7 lacs p.a (Latest figure: 8.76 lacs p.a)

Wipro 3.2 lacs p.a

Zensar Technologies 2.9 lacs pa

Hope you found this list useful.If you found any company missing or you having any updated data,then please post in your comment.So,that I can update the list.
Thanks for visiting.

October 21, 2008

Review on Boston Moving Companies

Hello friends if you belong to Boston and in search of a moving company that is most professional and experienced in their field then you are at the right place.Boston Moving Companies are one of the oldest and most reliable moving companies in Massachusetts.These companies provides you all types of facilities like if you are an employee and want to shift your whole luggage from one place to another,or you want to transport your vehicle or you want to move your some costly and important art storage.This is the only moving company in Boston that takes the complete responsibility of all your goods and treated your goods as their.In addition to this the services that they provide to are available to you in a very less cost in comparison to the other moving companies.One of the main specialty of this company is that here from the top CEO to driver everyone is completely responsible for moving of your good to the desired location.Today Boston Moving Companies are one of the trusted moving companies in Boston.You can also sign up in their website and get all the latest news and services from these companies.In addition to this they also provide you their customer support to sort out all of your queries.This company is also best known for its state-of-the-art storage facility.

October 19, 2008

Make money from your blog with Snapbomb

Hello friends if you have a well maintained blog having nice google pagerank,nice alexa rank,having link popularity and want to earn money from your blog then you are most welcomed at snapbomb.com.Here at snapbomb you had to just simply sign up with them and add your blog in the add blog section of it.Once you have added your blog you have to install a code in your blog so that the snapbomb.com can predict the actual value of your blog.The value that it determines it is in the range(for ex:from $1 to $10),and this range is updated regularly.

The range that they determined is totally on the basis of quality of your blog,that means how the well your blog is maintained.Quality and Quantity both matters here.Once your blog value is given,then you can visit their find an opportunity page for more opportunities.In addition to this they provide a bonus task for every blogger so that they can their blog marketing with snapbomb.Once you complete this task and submit the URL then your post will be reviewed by them and a rating is given to your blog that will really help of you in receiving new opportunities.
Here you can earn a lot of buzz by submitting more than one blog in your account section.The more blog you add the more is the chance of blog marketing and more you can earn.Regarding their payment scheme, you had to submit your paypal id on which you want to receive your earnings.They sent you your total earnings on every 5th of the next month and the best thing is that their is no minimum payment limit here,that means if you earn only 1 dollar in one month then also you will receive your payment.In my opinion this is one of the best place for bloggers to maximum optimizing their blog and earn a lot of buzz with it.

Review on Casino Games

Today online casinos are the favorite option for anyone to spend their leisure time by sitting at their home and also they can earn money from it. As all we know there exists a lot of online casinos on the internet and to select best of them is really a tough task and this is the main confusable state for all the players .Here in this situation they need support or guidance to select best of them, ultimately they are in search of best casino spot for them.

Now the solution to your’s problem is here www.casino.de,which is the german version of the online-casinos.com and most useful for german players.Here they provide you complete information of every casino game like blackjack,bingo etc.In addition to this if you do not know any thing about these games then they provide you complete instructions of each and every game so that you became master in these games. The main reason behind the popularity of this site is their comparison that they provide among all the online casinos, now with the help of it you can select best casino for you. They also provide you the reviews of other casinos so that you can select best casino among them.The comparison that they provide you is a research work of their experts team that survey all the online casinos and selects best of them. This information is really beneficial for you in selecting best casino spot for yourself. Sometimes people select casino on the basis of the software that the casino provide them.

If you want more information about their site then you can also visit their english website online-casinos.com.This site also helps these people in selecting best casino spot for them on the basis of their database and you will also find a nice collection of casinos at our site. The each casino that you found on our site is selected only after they had passed our terms and conditions, so that you can select best casino for yourself. We wishes enjoy your playing in these casino and become a winner.

October 16, 2008

Review on Marketing Jobs in New Jersey

Today you see a lot of people across the globe that are in search of a marketing jobs,but due to global recession in the market their are very less marketing jobs present in the market.In these type of situations a job seeker tries everywhere they put their resumes on various job providing websites but the result is same no job.But now if you are in New Jersey and in search of a marketing job then their will not be any problem for you in getting a job.

Now all of you are thinking what rubbish i am speaking,but my dear friends I am right because here is a company in New Jersey that is committed to provide you marketing jobs if you are interested in it.This company marketingjobsnewjersey.com provides you a great resource of available jobs in Marketing in New Jersey.At their website you will find a great list of New Jersey Marketing Jobs that will really help you in finding job of your interest.The only thing that you have to do is apply for job and now if you are able to the post then you will definitely got this marketing job.As i want to tell you that a lot of job seekers has already take the benefit of this website and their services.

Now its your turn be confident and apply for the job because a secure future in New Jersey is waiting for you.This website also provides their online support to sort all of your queries,now if you have any problem regarding the marketing job you can discuss with them and I am sure that you will find the best solution of your problem.For getting a marketing job the process is very simple you had to just sign up with them and fill your all details their and this is start of your new future.The jobs that this website provides to you are in top class well settled companies so that you can feel your future secure their.

October 15, 2008

Now Global Recession affects IT executives life

As the global recessionary trends not only affect the Indian software market but also affect the lives of the software executives.First all these software executives are threaten only of their job but now their stands up a new problem in front of these executives.This new problem is related to the personal life of the IT executives because now the parents of brides are no longer looking for IT grooms for their daughters after the recession condition.This global who have apprehensions about the fluctuating signs in the information technology sector. Now the parents of brides are looking for non IT professionals for their daughters because they think their will be a secure future in a non IT field.According to a report, India's IT export growth could be slower than its July forecast of a 21-24 per cent rise to about 50 billion dollars in the year to March.As all we know that Europe and Asia are the big clients of Indian software companies like TCS,Infosys,Wipro and Satyam Computers.Indian IT firms have also been expanding in Europe and elsewhere to cut their dependence on US. But the risk of global recession is a worry for the sector, which was used to a scorching pace of growth.In short i would like to say only this,global recession has affect the life of everyone that relaates to IT field.

October 9, 2008

Want Prizes, use Microsoft search

As all we know that according to web traffic figures Google extended 63 percent of the US search market,after that Yahoo with 19.6 percent share and at third place it is Microsoft with only 8.3 percent share. Now to compete with Google and Yahoo search engines,Microsoft started a new strategy according to which use Microsoft live search and you can win airline miles, music downloads and games for Microsoft's XBox video game system.After the launching of this scheme Microsoft thinks that this will really help in increase web traffic counter of Microsoft search engine.In addition to this they also offer cash rebate to all that buy products using the Microsoft live search engine.To maintain privacy, the programme only tracks the number of searches and not the type of searches people do. SearchPerk users get one "ticket" for every search done on Microsoft, and can receive up to 25 tickets a day.The company has not yet determined how many points will be needed to claim prizes. The programme is currently available only for Internet Explorer 6 or higher.
Let's see whether this strategy of Microsoft will work or not.

October 7, 2008

Google postpones Yahoo online deal

As all we know that in july both Google and Yahoo was ready for their tie up in online advertising,but now this decision is postponed until they got the clean chit from the US anti-trust regulators.According to Google spokesperson,they want to give more time to US anti-trust regulators for further ramifications in the deal.As all we know that if this deal is completed then Google became the undisputed king of the internet.As against this deal Microsoft argued that the tie-up would crimp competition and give Google "unprecedented" control of the gateway to the Internet.As all we know that search is the gateway of the internet and most believe that it is, this deal will put Google in a position to own that gateway and the information that flows through it.After this deal Google will capable of putting their ads on the Yahoo search results and in this way Google will succeed in capturing the whole internet market.For the meanwhile, Senate Judicial Subcommittee chair Senator Herb Kohl has pledged close scrutiny of the deal and reportedly urged the DOJ to intervene if it looks like a Yahoo tie-up helps Google dominate online advertising.

October 6, 2008

Review on Comodo's

Hello friends as all we know that today computer security from the intruders and the hackers is one of the major issue among the computer users,various companies and organizations.For all this they adopted various security measures to protect their system from external attack.But still these measures are not completely effective due to some defect in these measures.Now i am going to tell you about a organization comodo.com that is best known for their award winning computer security products.

Comodo.com has a great reputation in the internet security market and well known for its internet security products. The tools that they provide to you are come under the trusted internet security products and on using them you can make secure your PC from various external attacks from intruders or hackers.Their tools and security products are mostly preferred by business organizations where online transaction of money takes place because these tools provide them complete security in their transactions.

Comodo.com also provide their digital certificates with the help of which you can do your all online business because these digital signatures act on secure socket layer.In addition to this,they also provide you their various free tools for your computer security like firewall,anti-virus software and secure e-mail software.The firewall protection that they provide to you is award winning and received award of best firewall.You can take the advantages of all these tools and software's absolutely free and make your computer secure.

October 3, 2008

Touch Phones at 8k

Yes,you are listening correct now touch phones are available at Rs 8000. This is possible because of Motorola,Motorola is going to launch its touch phones at an affordable cost of Rs 8000.As all we know within the last few months how much the craze of touch phones was increased among the peoples.Apple and Samsung already launched their full touch screen phones in the country.After this now Motorola is going to launch its new series of Moto Yuva A810 that is of touch phone series.As it is known to all that all the touch screen phones are coming with 2.2 inch touch screen, handwriting recognition and a host of other multimedia features.Today the minimum cost of touch phones that exists in the market is Rs 39000 that is of Samsung launched mobile 'Omnia'.In comparison to this Motorola customized the phone for the Indian market with features like SMS in Hinglish, a large phone book that stores 500 entries and ability to store 750 SMSes and in much less cost in comparison to other companies.

October 2, 2008

Samsung to produce new DRAM

Now the latest news from the field of technology is the launching of new DRAM by Samsung.
Samsung Electronics Co, world's largest computer memory chipmaker, is planning to begin mass production of its latest and fastest chip model from next month, a statement said on Monday.
The company will begin production of its 2-gigabit DDR3 DRAM chip, which is approximately 1.6-times faster than last year's DDR2 DRAM model, starting next month.Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM), also referred to as memory chips, is used in personal computers and other electronic devices such as mobile phones.The new model, which is to be produced under 50-nano etching technology, will bring about a 60-per cent increase in production efficiency due to the much-reduced size of the chip, according to Samsung.

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