October 29, 2009

Samsung launches N140 Netbook

Korean giant Samsung has launched an ultra-sleek Netbook N140 powered by newly launched Windows 7 OS in the Indian market.Targetting both home and enterprise users, Samsung N140 comes with a 10.1-inch LED Backlit display and a spillproof keyboard. The Netbook supports 11 hours with a 6 cell battery and has 250GB hard disc drive.In addition, the Netbook promises high multimedia experience and SRS effects that produce clear High Definition 3D sound. Weighing 1.27 kg, N140 packs a vast array of the latest wireless communication technology and data-sharing capabilities. Other key features include three USB 2.0 ports, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and a 3-in-1 memory card reader.The Samsung Netbook N140, with its features like LED Backlit display, digital motion camera, high quality SRS Wow sound and enhanced battery life is set to redefine user experience in Netbooks.

October 7, 2009

Review on silver commodity market

As an investor, what matters to you more than anything, what is of paramount importance, is determining whether what you have invested in, or are thinking of investing in, is going to go up, down or sideways. If you are long you want the market to go up, if you are short you want it to go down, and if you have written both Call and Put options, you want it to move sideways. All consideration of fundamentals is subordinate to this Prime Objective and take the maximum advantage of the commodity market.Gold, Silver and Precious Metals stocks have been trading sideways for about 9 months now, following their strong advance to the April - May peak of last year, with many smaller stocks having slithered down a "slope of hope" to plumb low levels in the recent past.

Understandably, many investors in the sector are growing increasingly fed up and frustrated with this situation, especially as every time the sector looks set to break higher it has suffered a smackdown. The purpose of this essay is to assess the current situation and to discuss effective tactics for dealing with it.I think buying the metal is different from buying the equities or futures or options positions, because by buying the metal you can hardly go wrong. Certainly there was a push into the metals in 2008 where we peaked out-silver above $21.00 and gold over $1,000.00.Longer term, I think we're going to see far higher prices in both metals. Having said that, I think the best approach for the physical metal is just dollar cost average. Just discipline yourself to buy so many dollars' worth of gold or silver or both, each and every month. This approach provides you a very good price basis as these metals continue their upward path. This same technique can be used if you own a gold mutual fund, but I do not advise it for individual stocks.

If you go back to the last bull market in the metals, to 1980, the country was in better shape than it is today. The debt problems and the ability to service the debt have become a very big concern. We're seeing this in the mainstream financial press. China basically has enough U.S. dollars and is looking for an alternative. Russia's saying something similar. Japan is concerned. Most everyone who holds our debt is concerned.Financial assets have actually come down substantially from when the credit crisis started in 2007, but they are making a brief rally here and personally I think it is about over and again silver increased in 2009. More important than money and more important than ownership of a business is what is the physical economy actually doing, because this is what is required for all of us to eat, have shelter, and make a living. And that has been deteriorating in real terms since about 1968 in the United States of America. You might get some controversy on that statement, but the facts are there, if you look, on an inflation-adjusted basis.

Transcend JetFlash V70

Transcend has launched an anti-shock USB Flash Drive, JetFlash V70. Made from eco-friendly rubber, the drive is said to be highly resistant to survive shock, splashes and dust. JetFlash V70 is equipped with a tethered cap holder that prevents it from getting lost when removed from the drive during file transfer. Currently available in 16GB (Red), 8GB (Orange) and 4GB (Purple) capacities, JetFlash V70 comes with a lifetime warranty. Austin Huang, Regional Head --- Sales, SAARC & APAC, Transcend, said, “Combining durability with performance, stylish sporty design, and environment friendliness, Transcend's JetFlash V70 USB Flash Drive allows users to take their important files wherever they go.” JetFlash V70 also meets US military drop-test standards (MIL-STD-810F 516.5Transit Drop).

Now PC batteries will power cars

Japan's Panasonic Corp has developed a technology that binds together standard lithium-ion battery cells used in laptop PCs to power electric vehicles, taking aim at growing demand for green cars.The new technology will likely enable Panasonic to make electric car batteries at half the cost of lithium-ion batteries that are developed solely for electric cars, since it can use existing battery plants and production expertise, the company said.Mitsubishi Motors Corp's i-MiEV, the world's first mass-produced electric car, sells for 4.6 million yen ($51,000) before government subsidies due mainly to high costs for lithium-ion batteries.Panasonic, which vies with Sony Corp for the position as the world's largest consumer electronics maker, said it aims to commercialise the battery as early as in four years, but added it is too early to comment on sales targets.The newly developed batteries can also be used at home to store electricity generated by solar panels and fuel cells.

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