March 30, 2010

Go Green with N-Viro

N-Viro( is an international corporation that develops and licenses it’s technologies to private companies to stabilize and disinfect municipal bio solids and other organic waste products. These technologies safely and efficiently transform waste streams into beneficial reuse products. Their patented processes use lime and/or mineral-rich, combustion byproducts to treat, pasteurize, immobilize and convert waste water sludge and other bio-organic wastes into bio mineral agricultural and soil-enrichment products with real market value.There are so many uses of this converted waste water and we can do even more such as convert waste to energy, produce opportunity fuels, build clean coal technology and look for alternative source of energy to alleviate the effect of globalization. GO GREEN!

Review on Cold Therapy Lawsuits

Cold therapy (sometimes referred to as “cryo therapy”) devices are used to minimize swelling resulting from surgery by cooling the inflamed or swollen area of the body. After filling the device (which resembles a cooler) with ice water, the cooling pad is placed on the affected body part. A circulating pump inside the cold therapy device continually circulates ice water to the cooling pad through connecting tubes. This helps keep the pad ice-cold for extended periods of time.

Their purpose is to minimize pain and swelling related to the surgery. With a proper prescription, these devices might even be covered by your health insurance.
What happens? Many patients aren't given proper instructions on how to use the system. As a result, the patient may over-use the system and suffer signficant injuries. There have been several instances of severe nerve damage and skin injuries such as frost bite. These types of injuries can be devastating, especially on the heels of surgery.

If you or someone you know has been severely injured as a result of cold therapy, ice machines, recirculating ice coolers, cryotherapy or other forms of cold treatment and want to file a Cold Therapy Lawsuits, then you can contact txninjurylawfirm and talk to an attorney for legal advice about a potential cold therapy lawsuit.Their attorneys will help you in providing assistance from the device company because all these attorneys are highly experienced in their job and already handled a lot of cases like those.

March 29, 2010

AMD new range of processors

Advanced Micro Devices is the latest to up the processing core ante with a 12-core chip. Intel is expected to follow this with a chip that contains eight cores.Both of these chips move beyond the traditional two- and four-core processors that have been around for years. Chips integrating six or more cores are targeted at pricey, high-end server computers that need to process huge workloads in parallel. Ideally, the more cores, the faster the processing, though software has to be properly "parallelized" to take advantage of multiple cores.Servers using these chips typically cluster together scores, if not hundreds, of processors.The AMD Opteron 6100 series processors will come in eight- and 12-core flavors. Large server vendors such as Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and Cray are all expected to announce systems with the chips.A 12-core 2.3GHz AMD 6100 series chip will be priced at $1,386, while a 2.4GHz eight-core chip will cost $744.

March 28, 2010

A real turing machine.......

We pay lots of lip service to Turing but has anyone actually seen or thought about what Turing did for computing? Aside from the Turing Test, Alan Turing invented his Machine, a “tape-based” system for digital computing. The machines have always been thought of as a “thought experiment” but on crazy man actually built one.

Although this Turing machine is controlled by a Parallax Propeller microcontroller, its operation while running is based only on a set of state transformations loaded from an SD card and what is written to and read from the tape. While it may seem as if the tape is merely the input and output of the machine, it is not! Nor is the tape just the memory of the machine. In a way the tape is the computer. As the symbols on the tape are manipulated by simple rules, the computing happens. The output is really more of an artifact of the machine using the tape as the computer.

The heart of the turing machine is the read-write head. The read-write head transports the tape and positions cells of the tape appropriately. It can read a cell determining what, if any, symbol is written there. The machine works on, and knows about, only one cell at a time. The tape in my machine is a 1000’ roll of white 35mm film leader. The characters, ones and zeros, are written by the machine with a black dry erase marker.

March 26, 2010

Oracle Big Data

Big Data is the “modern scale” at which we are defining or data usage challenges. Big Data begins at the point where need to seriously start thinking about the technologies used to drive our information needs.

While Big Data as a term seems to refer to volume this isn’t the case. Many existing technologies have little problem physically handling large volumes (TB or PB) of data. Instead the Big Data challenges result out of the combination of volume and our usage demands from that data. And those usage demands are nearly always tied to timeliness.

Big Data is therefore the push to utilize “modern” volumes of data within “modern” timeframes. The exact definitions are of course are relative & constantly changing, however right now this is somewhere along the path towards the end goal. This is of course the ability to handle an unlimited volume of data, processing all requests in real time.

March 14, 2010

Gold again on rise

Gold bugs argue that even extreme dollar-centric investors should take notice, because of the possibility of momentum buying from European traders influencing U.S. dollar pricing.Gold in U.S. dollars peaked Wednesday at the second-highest close this year, but then moved basically sideways. This did have the effect of turning the Australian service The Privateer's U.S. dollar 5X3 famous free Point and Figure chart distinctly bullish.Gold shares did rather well, closing the week at highs. The Nyse Arca Gold Bugs gained 6.1% on the week, and the PHLX Gold/Silver Index rose 5.8%, although gold only picked up 1.5%, closing at $1134.40.Many services credit gold shares with gold market insight.

For U.S. investors, the financial condition of California is much more risky than the financial condition of Greece. And the latest attack by the U.S. ratings agencies is the decision by Moody's on March 4 to downgrade Deutsche Bank in Germany because of a 'lack of transparency regarding the bank's capital market activities.
"How pathetic is that, given the Fed's continuing refusal to come clean on their U.S. bank bailout activities?"

Privateer suggests this weekend's Icelandic referendum rejecting bank bailout terms may be catalytic: "A very small nation has awakened to the fact that government guarantees can only be made good by the governed. This is a small crack in a very big iceberg."

Contrary opinion seems favourable. The Hulbert Gold Newsletter Sentiment indicator is unchanged from Mark Hulbert's March 2 column at 46.6%. But gold closed Friday almost $20 higher. MarketVane's Bullish Consensus for gold at 77% on Friday compares constructively to early February's multi-month low of 70%.

From the above discussion it is very much clear that gold is picking up the pace again and its really the right time to invest your money in gold.For this you can trust on American Standardized Gold Bureau and can buy gold bars from their.

HeadCount Comparison - Infosys Vs TCS Vs Wipro

Below is the headcount comparison of three pillars of Indian IT industry.

Infosys: During the quarter, Infosys and its subsidiaries added 8,719 employees (gross). The net addition during the quarter was 4,429. During the quarter attrition inched up to 11.6%. As on December 31, 2009, the company had 1,09,882 employees by the end of the third quarter ending December 2009.

TCS: During the quarter ending December 2009, TCS made a gross addition of 12,854 employees, which includes a net addition of 7,692. TCS has over 140,000 IT consultants in 42 countries

Wipro: During the quarter, Wipro crossed the 1 lakh-employee mark. Wipro added 4,855 employees, or about 5%, during the December quarter. Last quarter saw Wipro making the biggest staff addition in more than two years.

Revenue Comparison - Infosys Vs TCS Vs Wipro

Below is the revenue comparison of three pillars of Indian IT industry.

Infosys reported a 3.6% dip in consolidated net profit at Rs 1,582 crore. Income from software services, products and business process management stood at Rs 5,741 crore during the quarter, a marginal decline over Rs 5,786 crore in the year-ago period as per Indian accounting rules. Revenue for the quarter dropped 0.8% to Rs5,741 crore year-on-year.

TCS: TCS posted a 33.9% jump in its net profit at Rs 1,824 crore for the quarter ended December 31, 2009 as compared to the same period a year ago. Its revenue, too, jumped 5.1% on strong volumes of 6.6% to touch Rs 7,649 crore year-on-year.

Wipro: In the quarter ended December 31, Wipro posted a 21% rise in net profit to Rs 1,217 crore, compared to the corresponding quarter in the previous year. Revenue increased 5% to Rs 6,966 crore. Compared to the preceding quarter (Q2), net profit was up 4.7% and revenue was up 0.7%. Revenue from IT services increased to Rs 5,164 crore, up 2% from a year ago.

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