January 8, 2010

Ideak place for destination wedding

When it is about the Destination Weddings,the Riviera Maya is the first name that came to everyone's mind.You will find here everything that you anyone can expect from a Destination Wedding.What started as an offshoot of the popular Cancun strip has turned into a sophisticated locale filled with options for every budget. From high-end boutique villas once owned by royalty to chic eco-shacks on the beach—just sorting through the options can be a time-consuming and confusing task if you’re unfamiliar with the territory.There are some more advantages of picking Riviera Maya for choosing your destination wedding place because its proximity to the Mexico.Flights to the Cancun airport are frequent and direct from most major cities in North America. Why not make it easy for your guests to get to your wedding? And this location is easy. Trust me, guests will sing your praises for picking a simple to get to destination! Secondly, hotel options. From large all-inclusive-style properties with 15 restaurants and mini Mayan architectural replicas on-site to four-bedroom boutique inns that shut off the power when the sun goes down (for all you eco-conscious couples), name your style and budget and there’s a good chance we can find you something you like!

Mini Laptop from Sony

Sony unveiled a mini notebook computer aimed at the hearts of environmentalists.Vaio W Series notebooks have chassis made of plastic consisting of about 20 percent recycled compact disks and will be shipped in a "stylish reusable" carrying cases made from recycled plastic bottles."The W series is so green it doesn't have a printed manual," Sony president Stan Glasgow said while unveiling the line at the Consumer Electronics Show taking place in Las Vegas."Sony is out to lower the power consumption of products and greenhouse gas emissions at its facilities."Vaio W series machines were billed by Sony as ideal "secondary" personal computers for light tasks, Internet browsing, and online social networking.The notebooks have high-definition, 10.1-inch screens and hard drives with 250 gigabytes of storage. Vaio W notebooks come in "sugar white" but the interiors are, naturally, green.Vaio W notebooks were available for pre-order online at sony.com/pr/wseries at prices starting at $450.

Dual Sim Phones from Nokia

Here is a good news for all those who love mobile phones those have capability of operating dual sim simultaneously because mobile phone major Nokia indicated that multi-SIM mobile handsets were on the anvil for the Indian consumers with expansion in demand.Currently company is looking at more than one SIM phone," Nokia Head (Activation, Media & Online Marketing) Viral Oza said at the launch of two handsets in the touchscreen segment.There were indications that the phone might be launched in 2010.Dual-SIM phones of other brands are receiving good response by the customers with over 100 million handset market in the country.

Help for Accident Victims

If we take a look at the figure of the number of accidents that took place on an average day,then I want to tell you that this number is quite impressive that includes all the accidents from small to big.In many of these cases,the victim has to compromise for every thing because either he is not so rich so that he can afford a lawyer for him.One more thing that we know about today's lawyers is that they charged so high it is not possible for poor victim to afford them.But here their is ray of hope for all these victims because their are some organization that provide their free consultation to the victims.One of these organization that is involved in helping getting justice from past many years is txinjurylawfirm.com.This company is uniquely known for its services and consultation to their clients.This company has a staff of highly experienced staff that is always ready to help you in any kind of situation.You can contact their Austin Personal Injury Lawyer or Texas Personal Injury Lawyer for free consultation about your case.They tried to help up to every extent so it the not the only you who had to paid for everything.

January 6, 2010

LG unveils 'world's thinnest LCD TV'

South Korea's LG Display said that it has developed the world's thinnest LCD television panel, measuring 2.6 millimetres (0.1 inches).The company, the world's second largest maker of liquid crystal displays (LCDs), said the panel uses an ultra-slim, edge-lit light emitting diode backlight system and proprietary optical film technology.It said in a statement the 42-inch panel weighs less than 4 kilograms (8.8 pounds), making it ideal for wall-mounted TVs.LG Display said it would showcase the product at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas early next year.

January 4, 2010

Twitter bans 370 passwords

Social networking site Twitter has banned 370 words it considers ‘too obvious’ to be used as passwords.Twitter rejects certain words like ‘123456’ and ‘password’ to be used as passwords because it thinks they are too easy to guess and put users data at risk, The Telegraph reported.Along with, names of famous cars such as ‘porsche’ and ‘ferrari’, and football teams like ‘Chelsea’ and ‘Arsenal’ are also banned. A few science fiction words are also a part of the banned word list of the website.‘THX1138’-- title of the first film by Star Wars fame director George Lucas, is banned. So is ‘NCC1701’ -- the registry number of Star Trek’s starship Enterprise -- and ‘trustno1’, Fox Mulder’s password in The X-Files, the report said.A recent research by insurer CPP has shown that people are often too predictable when it comes to choosing passwords.Security experts advise that a strong password should consist of letters, numbers and even punctuation symbols. They should be changed regularly and one should not use the same password for their online services.

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