May 30, 2009

History of Nokia

Nokia began its life by a river of the same name in Finland when Fredrik Idestam set up a wood-pulp mill to manufacture paper in 1865. In 1898 a rubber company was established in the same region although unconnected with the other business. Later, in 1912, a company that became known as the Finnish Cable Works opened in the centre of Helsinki. Ten years on, the Finnish Rubber Works bought majority shares in both Finnish Cable Works and Nokia Ab, the ground wood producer. Thus the three independent companies began to pool their resources and co-operate, evolving into a more cohesive group.

Over time a community established itself around the factories and became the town of Nokia. The companies continued to operate under a single umbrella for some considerable time. In fact it was only as recently as 1966 that the companies decided officially to merge and Nokia began functioning as the business that we recognise today. When all of the Nokia divisions joined in the 1960’s, electronics made up about 3% of the overall company sales. By 1980, Nokia had begun focusing its energies internationally on becoming a communications company. It was around this time that a department called Dedicated Networks was set up to deal specifically with transmission technology and Private Mobile Radio (PMR). Although initially based in Finland, Dedicated Networks had a global sales base. The seeds of Nokia’s eventual international success had been planted.

May 24, 2009

Review on Marble Shop

If you are in California and in search of a place where you will find each and every category of marble slab and granite countertops then is the right place for you.Here I want to tell you that this company is one of the best and largest providers of granite countertops in California.They not only provide granite countertops but also having their specialty in vanity and home style upgrades.This company also have its customers across the world that means their granite countertops and marble slab are imported all over the world.If you are worried about designing and installation of your kitchen then you can freely contact them.This company is also best known for its collection of stylish and elegant marbles.So,now what are you thinking,wanting one of the most stylish kitchens bay area,marble city is the best place for you.

May 21, 2009

Posylane is for everyone is a place where you will found all categories of personalized gifts,invitations,stationery,monograms and embroidery.If you are in search of mom agenda planner then here I want to tell you that,they offers you a broad range of mom agenda desktop like vacation planning,addresses,adult medical information,kids medical information,birthdays and anniversaries and much more than this.All these planners are of 17 months starting from august 2009 to December 2010 and available in your budget.

In addition to this,this website also offers you a lot of variety of monogrammed key fobs.All these fobs are available in two sizes wrist sized and the mini,so that you can select size according to your suitability.Here they also offers you a broad range of top fabric and the back fabric is chosen to complement the design.

As all we know that the summer season is going on and if you are in search of koozies to put your cold drinks in it,then also you can select this place for monogrammed koozies.Here they offered you very attractive koozies that provides complete insulation to your drink from external heat.

TCS biotech software Bio-Suite

Now Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is eying life sciences as one of its growth engines. The firm is readying an exclusive software package for biological research.The package - named Bio-Suite - contains computational tools and algorithms, which help in deciphering vast amounts of genetic data and protein functions.The software is aimed at expediting the drug discovery as also bringing down the cost of research.

The TCS package is aimed at providing information about functions of genes and proteins and identifying new drug candidates through smaller samples.For Bio-Suite, we have sourced about 100 algorithms from various scientific bodies to build a software that helps in analyzing gene expression and drug designing.The algorithms are libraries containing data about the functions of genes and the proteins encoded by them.Using an algorithm makes the job of studying and identifying genes and proteins responsible for a particular disorder simpler.TCS is planning to exhibit their product at the forthcoming Biotech Israel summit. With the bioinformatics industry in India still at a nascent stage, the company is eying the $1.5-bn global market.

May 10, 2009

Golf Holiday in Chiemsee

As all we know that Golf is considered as a royal game and very less percentage of people know how to play it.But as up to my knowledge I want to tell you that this is a very interesting game.Here in this post I am going to tell you about a place that provides you complete facility of playing golf.The place that I am going to tell is situated on the bank of the lake chiemsee, which is the biggest lake in the Germany.Here they have their 4 star hotel which provides you complete lesson on Golf holiday.The town Gut Ising in which their 4 star hotel is situated is a very beautiful place and you can also enjoy your vacation their.

Let your soul breathe under the caring support of the beauty institute "La Vie". Furthermore, the Yachthotel Chiemsee offers indoor swimming pool, sauna, solarium, whirlpool, bowling alley and squash court. You are also invited to relax on our beautiful sunbathing lawn or at the beach. The sailing yard "Stella Bavariae" is at our guests' disposal for rent. The conference rooms of the Yachthotel Chiemsee are adjustable in such a way that they even meet the most difficult requirements of your event. Your desires alone determine our planning! Thus, the conference schedules as well as the costs are individually co-ordinated by our conference department. The experience of many years guarantees an optimal realization of your event or conference.

Many people love to play golf game. There are many golf fields available for people to play the game. Chiemsee is one of the most popular destinations for playing game. Chiemsee is the best place to enjoy holiday and spend time during the holiday with golf vacation or golfreisen. So if you haven’t planned your next holiday destination, you can put Chiemsee hotels in your holiday list. It will be a great place to enjoy your holiday and play your favorite sport.

May 9, 2009

Next Version of Bluetooth

Here is a good news for all the bluetooth users because from the next year the gadgets are going to use Bluetooth 3.0 i.e the next version of bluetooth.With the help of Bluetooth 3.0 you can achieve 10 times faster data transfer in comparison to earlier bluetooth version.This version could be useful for moving music or movies from a PC to a cell phone or media player.Three major chip companies -- Atheros Communications Inc, Broadcom Corp and CSR PLC, said they had products that would work with the new high-speed option.Whenever data transfer is required between two devices the bluetooth chip borrows a Wi-Fi chip in the same gadget to make the actual transfer.When the transfer is not in process then bluetooth chip turns off the Wi-Fi chip,hence saving a a lot of power.This new version of bluetooth is still 20 times slower than USB cable data transfer, so it will likely be less than ideal for a complete music library or a long movie.

May 7, 2009

500 GB discs by GE

Very soon you will see discs that can contain 500 GB of data because GE(General Electrics) is going to launch these discs.The technology that is used in these discs is holographic technology and because of this these discs are also known as micro-holographic discs.The size of these discs is almost same as of the normal DVD discs.As all we know that blue ray discs already launched in market that can store about 25 to 50 GB of data.

The main reason behind the high storage of data on the micro-holographic discs is that they store information on the disc in three dimensions, rather than just pits on the surface of the disc.Here the capacity of the disk is directly proportional to the amount of reflectivity offered by the holographic material,that means higher the reflectivity higher the capacity of disc.Now we can say that the launching of these steps is a huge step toward bringing our next generation holographic storage technology to the everyday consumer.

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