June 16, 2009

Microsoft Arc

The unusually designed object you see here is one of the latest pointing device from microsoft, and it’s called the Arc. The Arc looks something like the Logitech MX Air, but is in fact just another mouse with a different design.

The Arc is a wireless mouse that comes with a tiny little bluetooth dongle which also attachs itself neatly to the back and controls the device upto 30 feet range. The mouse can fold, very much like the foldable phones we see everyday. This both turns off the mouse and also useful for carrying it around.With it folded, the Arc can easily fit into any shirt or pant pocket. Its also very good looking, with its dark color and the transparent glossy finish.There are no issues with using it despite the unusual shape. It has more or less the same comfort levels as any other mouse. Performance doesn’t suffer either. There is no lag whatsoever. It makes a good desktop mouse, but the same can’t be said as a gaming mouse. the mouse feet aren’t very large and don’t seem to help the mouse slide around as easily as the other mice we’ve tested.The scroll wheel is OK, and apart from the standard three button setup, a fourth button is available on the left side that can be customize through the IntelliPoint drivers.

The mouse runs on two AA batteries, but is still pretty lightweight. The folding mechanism is sturdy and doesn’t look like it will give way anytime soon. The mouse is symmetrical, so left handed users will have no cause for complaint. A small pouch is also supplied, to help you carry the mouse.The price for the Arc is around $85 and laptop mouse can be bought for well under this price tag. If you want something light and compact, with a stylish design, this is a good buy.

June 13, 2009

Review on online games

As all we know online gambling is the new craze among the new generation but this craze did not stay for a long time because due to some fake websites that robbed their customers on the behalf of promising them something in the start when they join their club but after joining they refused from their terms and conditions. So now how a player can come out of this awkward situation,how they select the best casino for them these are the main questions that are arising in the mind of a new player. Now solution to this problem is here at inetbet.com.

Now here at this website you can complete your dream of playing games in casino.This casino provide you a large number of online casino games,where you can select any online casino game of your choice.These casinos gave you the feeling of virtual casinos so that you can feel you are not playing online but you are in a real casino.In addition to this they also provide you huge online casino bonus. Here, you also find the total number of worlds best online casinos available and also how many players playing these games.These casinos also provide you a opportunity of online gambling where you can gamble online.You can register with these casinos by simply sign up with them absloutely free or if you are interested in earning large amount then you can also adopt a membership plan where you had to pay a very small amount and in return you can earn a lot of money.

June 10, 2009

Invest your money in rare coins

In this time of recession everyone is trying to get maximum value of their assets but as all we know that each and every sector of market is very hardly affected by this recession.But still their are some markets that are not so badly affected by this global slow down in economy and one of them is rare coin market.If you are a serious investor and wants to capitalize your income then you can invest your money in coin market.But now a days their exists a lot of rare coin dealers in the market that provides you this service,but the most common and popular rare coin dealer among them is Monaco Rare Coin which had a experience of more than 40 experience in their service.

You can take the idea of their popularity by the amount $25 billion,that is invested by their investors in this company.At Monaco Rare Coin,they provide you their complete assistance on selection of your investment,that means from where you can maximum utilize your capital.Monaco rare coin dealer is the only dealer that provides you a vast collection of very rarely found coins of silver,gold and platinum,so that you can select any of these metal coins for your investment.If you are worried about their market reputation then I want to tell you all of their staff members and advisors are the members of Professional Numismatic Guild that is Numismatic Guarantee Corporation of America.You can also take their free trial subscription with the help of which you can take the knowledge of their valuable insights about the market.

June 8, 2009

Google advisor found dead

Rajeev Motwani, a well-known Stanford University computer science professor who advised one of Google's creators, was found dead in his swimming pool.Stanford University said the 47-year-old professor apparently drowned on Friday at his home in Atherton, and his friends told the school news service he did not know how to swim.
Motwani's work using algorithms to search vast computer databases, like the Internet, is celebrated in Silicon Valley.Google co-founder Sergey Brin wrote on his blog that Motwani's counsel played a big role in his research, education, and professional development.

June 6, 2009

Now Android with Map Editor

Brian Cornell, a software engineer at Google developed the My Map Editor app that allows Android phone users to create and share maps using their mobiles and also to synchronize them in to their PCs.Tell you what, he has developed this app using just 20% of his time over a span of four months. The app sounds brilliant not only by the appearance but also application wise. The app is said to provide an excellent interface between the mobile and desktop.

The application lets users create, edit, share, and view personalized maps on their Android powered phone, as well as synchronize with the My Maps tab on Google Maps. “Create a map on your desktop computer using Google Maps and then take it with you on the go and update it on location. My Maps Editor by Google supports full editing functionality for markers, lines, and shapes on maps, plus the ability to mark your location using GPS or attach a photo directly from your phone.

CMS tool Mambo

Mambo is another popular content management tool and it is very easy to use.It is an open source CMS developed by the Mambo foundation,which is a non-profit organization.The current version of the Mambo is 4.5.4,which is the final release in the 4.5.x series.The developers are focused on the next version of Mambo that is 4.6 which is expected to introduce many new features.

Requirements:The minimum requirement for Mambo are Apache(version 1.3.19 or above),MySQL(version 3.23.x or above) and PHP(4.2.x).It works well with almost all of the browsers including Firefox,Opera,Internet Explorer and Safari(Mac).

Mambo has had its share of controversies ,however.In 2005,due to internal disputes ,a breakaway faction of Mambo developers formed Joomla,a CMS based on Mambo.After this, the rights to the Mambo code base wer transferred to the Mambo foundation.Mambo is released under the GPL.UK magazine Linux Format adjudged mambo as the Best Free software project of the Year in 2004.Mambo was also named as the Best Open Source Software Solution at Linux World,San Fransisco, in 2005.

June 5, 2009

Degree Online at Capella University

Few years ago no one can think that education can also be online because at that time all the education is dependent on classroom courses.But now a days you find a lot of online universities on the internet that offers different types of courses in different categories.Capella university offers you graduate level programs,bachelor's level programs and PhD level programs so that you can complete your degree online from any of these programs.If you interested in bachelor's lever program then they offers you their program in business, information technology, and public safety,if you are interested in graduate level program then they offers you programs in business, information technology, education, human services, psychology, public health, and public safety and if you are interested in PhD programs then also their exists a lot of options for you.this is the only online university in Minneapolis that is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).If you want to know more about this university,you can also request their university guide through email or their toll free number.

This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com.

Introduction to PHP-Nuke

PHP-Nuke is one of the most popular content management system around,with a huge user base.PHP-Nuke is a free software and is released under the GNU General Public License or GPL.It was originally based on Thatware,a news portal system.The current version of PHP-Nuke that is in use is 7.9.Until version 7.5,the latest version of PHP-Nuke was available for download on their site.However,since version 7.5,a small fee which was $10 is charged for downloading the latest version of the PHP-Nuke.However,being free software and licensed under the GPL,you can freely distribute the source code of the PHP-Nuke.According to the developers,the fee paid for downloading the PHP-Nuke is used for further development of the CMS.Besides, for small businesses and independent developers looking for a CMS,the fee is small considering the features offered by the PHP-Nuke.However,earlier versions of the PHP-Nuke are available for download free of cost.

Content Management System

Say you have a website and want to expand your business.Wouldn't you want perspective clients to preview your products on your website.You will probably spend days working on the site design.Wouldn't this time be better in ironing out bugs and adding even more features to your software.Now let assume that you can't afford to hire a web designing company then now what else you can do.Now for all these problems here is a solution the Content Management System or CMS.According to wikipedia,"a content management system is sometimes a web appplication used for managing websites and web content though in many cases content management systems require special client software for editing and constructing articles."

Simply put,a CMS is an application that makes developing websites that much easier.All you will ever need to do is upload and install the CMS on your server.It is not only cheaper but also saves your time ,that can be spent giving the killer edge to your software.

June 1, 2009

Review on Allegro Medical

As all we know that today you found a lot of medical shops on the internet,but none of them have ability to provide full range of each and every product that a customer demands.In these cases customer had to contact more than one shop that wastes his time and money both.But now the solution of such cases is here,Allegro Medical, is the largest and most popular shop on the internet.You can take the idea of popularity of this shop by their 1 million customers.Here,at allegro.com they provide each and every range of product that required in medical field.Some more common category of products are Exercise & Fitness Equipment, Nutritional Dietary Supplements, Maternity/Baby Supplies and Outdoor Gear.Here in this post I am going to tell you about the pedal exerciser that they provides.Here,they provides you a broad range of pedal exerciser according to their capability,according to cost,so that you can select any of them as per your search criteria.Their pedal exerciser are made from very high quality material and their cost is least among its competitors.You can also see the rating that the customers given to these exercisers,then after you are able to know how they are best in their field.

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