November 27, 2009

Review on metal sheds

Storage barns and garden sheds tend to be made with either wood, vinyl, or metal. A storage shed made of vinyl is often made with double wall vinyl panels which are perfect for resisting dents and bangs. A vinyl shed is pretty much maintenance free and can withstand all weather climates. Vinyl sheds usually come with steel doors which add to the security of your stored items and when painted they look nice. Metal storage sheds are made of aluminum or galvanized steel and when coated with a baked enamel finish they provide years of solid protection for a cheap price. Wooden sheds or barns are what many of us think of as more of a traditional look and feel to backyard storage facilities.

Metal sheds
are definitely the most stylish option available with various trim and siding choices and designs that can match your current house.I have to reccommend both this shed and the company supplying it. Delivery was excellent, 2-3 days as advertised and once assemble the shed is sturdy and looks quite neat. Assembly does take some work, against recommendations I ended up working on this by myself, though this is possible it dramatically adds to the time (about 8 hours in total). The instructions are very clear detailing every single step but a few extra screws would not go a miss, as a few dozen now litter my lawn.

As you probably now, there are many outdoor storage solutions, but what is less known is the advantages of metal garden shed over other solution. Before purchasing a shed, first decide what is the main purpose you need one – is it for storing small or large gardening equipment? Maybe it is just for keeping dangerous chemicals away from your young ones? Well, don't worry. No matter what size you are looking for. Metal sheds are available in all sizes and shapes, so you'll have no problems finding one to fit your needs as well as your landscape.

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Jakk said...

I have been following your blog for a while now and still love your posts.

Asgards is brilliant! Anybody reading this should know that the service they provide is fantastic and the products are very well made :)

Thank you for the post


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