February 4, 2010

Google will stop support for IE6

Google plans to suspend Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) support for its Gmail and Calendar services. Starting March 1, the search engine giant will start scaling back IE6 support for Google Docs and Google Sites.The company has said that it plans to stop supporting older browsers for the rest of the Google Apps suite, including Gmail.Incidentally, IE6 is not the only browser Google will stop support for. On the company's no-support list along with IE6 are Mozilla's Firefox 2.0, Apple's Safari 2.0 and Google's own Chrome 3.0.

For once, Microsoft too agrees with Google. The software giant endorses Google's advice to drop IE6. In a blog post, Microsoft spokesman Brandon LeBlanc said that the company supports this recommendation to move off Internet Explorer 6.In January, an undisclosed vulnerability in IE 6 was used in attacks that reportedly targeted more than 20 US companies, including Google, which blamed China. The vulnerability has since been fixed by Microsoft.

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