July 28, 2011

Java 1.7

I have been reading quite a lot about Java 1.7. There are articles about what's new, some code examples, some benchmark to compare performance with previous version of Java and discussion on when it will be released. I have decided to regroup all I have discovered in this article so that I and maybe you, won't have to spend hours surfing the web to find all this information. Don't hesitate to leave a comment if I missed something.
What's new in Java 1.7?

So what made it through is the following:
§ Strings in switch
§ Automatic Resource Management
§ Improved Type Inference for Generic Instance Creation (diamond)
§ Simplified Varargs Method Invocation
§ An omnibus proposal for better integral literals
§ Language support for Collections
§ Language support for JSR 292

These features are divided in different categories:

§ Compressed 64-bit object pointers
§ Garbage-First GC (G1)
§ JSR 292: VM support for non-Java languages (InvokeDynamic)

§ SR 294: Language and VM support for modular programming
§ JSR 308: Annotations on Java types
§ JSR TBD: Small language enhancements (the Project Coin I was talking about)
§ JSR TBD: Project Lambda

§ Modularization (Project Jigsaw)
§ Upgrade class-loader architecture
§ Method to close a URLClassLoader
§ Unicode 5.1
§ Concurrency and collections updates (jsr166y)
§ JSR 203: More new I/O APIs for the Java platform (NIO.2)
§ SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol)
§ SDP (Sockets Direct Protocol)
§ Elliptic-curve cryptography (ECC)

§ XRender pipeline for Java 2D
§ Forward-port 6u10 deployment features
§ Create new platform APIs for 6u10 graphics features
§ Nimbus look-and-feel for Swing
§ Swing JLayer component

§ Update the XML stack
As you can see there is a lot of stuff. I personally tried the new Garbage Collector (G1) a few months back and was really impressed by the performance. Unfortunately the JVM was crashing every few hours so it couldn't be used for production. This GC is available in Java 1.6 as well but same thing, it crashes every so often.
I think that's it for the new features. Maybe it's a good idea to see some code examples now.

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