February 21, 2012


Are you looking for an Oxycontin detox and having trouble finding the right type of program? Most people who are addicted to Oxycontin are scared to quit because of the uncomfortable withdrawal. In fact, an addict’s fear of painful detox and withdrawal is one of the main reasons why he or she will continue to use this highly addictive opiate. Substitute drugs like Methadone (a synthetic opiate) have failed miserably at effectively detoxing people off of Oxycontin, the main reason for this being that opiate treatment simply by replacing one drug with another will leave the addict simply struggling with a new habit.

 One of the first things to look for in an Oxycontin addiction detox is a high-quality medical program. Unlike a detox in a hospital setting, a private medical detox provides the client with a comfortable environment while delivering specialized and individualized treatment. During the medical detox process, clients are gently tapered off of his/her drug of choice. This type of pain-free opiate drug detox is also combined with a health program as well to provide some of the most well-rounded opiate treatment in the world. 

 Currently oxycontin is approved for moderate-severe pain. The sad truth is too many people are faking moderate pain and selling the pills on the street. After all we would NOT have these oxy related death's if the kids were not able to buy oxy on the street. I believe Oxycontin needs to be re-classified to SEVERE PAIN ONLY. In my opinion this accomplishes two things. It would ensure the Chronic Pain patients who had multiple operations and ailments could still receive the drug that helps them BUT it will also drastically cut down on the street supply.

 Oxycontin withdrawal symptoms describes a wide range of symptoms that can occur after a person stops or dramatically reduces the medication after heavy or prolonged use. Withdrawal from Oxycontin is similar to withdrawal symptoms experienced with any opiate-based drugs such as heroin, morphine, Dilaudid, methadone, and codeine.Anyone who has taken Oxycontin over a period of time, usually several weeks or more, can experience these symptoms. It varies with the individual, and can happen upon quitting or cutting down. This includes patients who have taken Oxycontin as prescribed to treat pain while recovering from surgery or an injury.

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