June 17, 2014

Capture Screen on Mac using Movavi

Looking for a software for your macbook that can help you in recording or capturing high quality videos , or want to save it in a format that is compatible to all of yours apple devices then in this post we are going to have a look at the software provided by movavi.com.

This software from Movavi comes with a very simple and user friendly interface to reduce the complexity while taking the screen shot , recording a high quality video , recording some audio sound etc. In the 3 simple steps. we can complete our any of the task as mentioned above. In the first step - from the user interface select what type of file you want to create audio , video etc , as soon as you have selected the file type you can click on rec button that will start recording video or audio depends on the type you selected in the first step. In this step you can also control the captured area in case of a video file. In the last step when your recording is complete, you can save it in any of the provided format like .mp4, .avi etc. Once saved it ,you can move it to any of the devices as most of the devices are compatible with the format in which we saved.

As you might have seen most of the tutorial videos on youtube or professional websites  has very high quality of both video and audio,with movavi screen recorder for mac you can also create videos like this without any hassle as it is developed to capture 60 frames per second to give you the best quality.

Moreover , you can also capture the sounds and videos from the external sources like usb , cd player etc as it has a built in high quality microphone in it.

For more information on this software you can visit here.

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