April 22, 2008


Hello friends in this post i am going to told you about how network security can be achieved.
Hope you enjoying it.

From the last post it is clear that network security is dependent on the security of each layer of the computer network. Hence to make our network complete secure we had to make first every layer secure. Except physical layer, security of all the layers is based on the cryptographic principles. Now to understand the layer security we had to first understand the word Cryptography.

Cryptography comes from the Greek words for "secret writing". Historically, four groups of people have used and contributed to the art of cryptography: the military , the diplomatic corps, diarists and lovers. Cryptographic principles total deals with the ciphers and codes. First we had to understand the difference between ciphers and codes. A cipher is a character-for-character or bit-for-bit transformation , in contrast a code replaces one word another word or symbols. Now in cryptography various algorithms are used to encrypt the message and it totally depend on you which algorithm do you select for yourself.

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