April 25, 2008

What is BIOS?

Hello friends in this post i am going to discuss some interesting points about BIOS.

As if anybody belongs to the field of computer field then it will definitely aware of the term BIOS, first what BIOS means, it simply means Basic Input/Output System and sometimes it also known as Basic Integrated operating system, secondly what BIOS exactly is, in simple words we can say that it is the set of electronic instructions with the help of these instructions processor of any computer system successfully starts its operating system or we can say that it is used to successfully load your operating system into the RAM.

The main task of BIOS is to check your whole computer hardware and software parts whether they are properly attached to the computer and functions properly, in any case if these checks gave negative results then BIOS instructs the computer to gave a code that reveals the problem. It is the BIOS that manages the data flow between the operating system and the devices attached to it. BIOS is typically located inside the ROM chip and is placed in such a way that protects it from disk failure thats why sometimes it is called as ROM BIOS. But now a days flash memory cards are used to hold the BIOS the main reason behind why flash cards are used is flash card provides you an advantage that you can regularly update your BIOS as soon its new version is released.

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