September 8, 2008

Real Time Embedded Systems

Hello friends in this post i am going to explore one of the most interesting topic in operating system that is Embedded Systems.

Today embedded computers are the most prevalent form of computers in existence.You can found these devices anywhere from car engines and manufacturing robots to VCRs and microwave ovens.Generally these systems are designed to work on a very specific task thats why they are provided with limited features.Today these embedded systems vary considerably,some are general purpose computers that are running on standard operating system such as UNIX with special purpose application to implement the functionality,others are hardware devices with a special purpose embedded operating system providing just the functionality desired.
Within the last few years the use of embedded systems is increased to a great extent.These embedded systems can work as standalone units and as a member of a network.It is believed that embedded systems almost always run real time operating systems.A real time system is used only when rigid time requirements have been placed on the operation of processor or the flow of data.Hence it is used as a control device in a dedicated application.In other words we can also say that real time systems has well defined time constraints.All the processing must be done within the defined time constraints otherwise processing will fail. A real time systems functions correctly only if it returns correct results within the time constraints.

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