September 15, 2008

World's Fastest SuperComputer

Now IBM is going to launch its fastest supercomputer that can execute more than 1 trillion instructions per second in a sustained exercise.This supercomputer is a joint project of engineers from the Los Alamos National Laboratory and IBM Corp.The IBM and Los Alamos engineers worked six years on the computer technology. Scientists unveiled the world's fastest supercomputer on Monday 11th August, a $100 million machine. The IBM declared the name of this supercomputer i.e "Roadrunner", which is twice as fast as IBM's Blue Gene system at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which itself is three times faster than any of the world's other supercomputers, according to IBM.The main motive behind the development of this supercomputer is primarily used on nuclear weapons work, including simulating nuclear explosions. An official of the National Nuclear Security Administration said "The computer is a speed demon. It will allow us to solve tremendous problems.

The main aim of this organization is to versees nuclear weapons research and maintains the warhead stockpile.In addition to this,the computer also could have a wide range of other applications in civilian engineering, medicine and science, from developing biofuels and designing more fuel-efficient cars to finding drug therapies and providing services to the financial industry.If we take a look at the physical aspects of this supercomputer then system occupies 6,000 square feet with 57 miles of fiber optics and weighs 500,000 pounds. Although made from commercial parts, the computer consists of 6,948 dual-core computer chips and 12,960 cell engines, and it has 80 terabytes of memory housed in 288 connected refrigerator-sized racks.The overall cost of this is system is $100 million.

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