May 7, 2009

500 GB discs by GE

Very soon you will see discs that can contain 500 GB of data because GE(General Electrics) is going to launch these discs.The technology that is used in these discs is holographic technology and because of this these discs are also known as micro-holographic discs.The size of these discs is almost same as of the normal DVD discs.As all we know that blue ray discs already launched in market that can store about 25 to 50 GB of data.

The main reason behind the high storage of data on the micro-holographic discs is that they store information on the disc in three dimensions, rather than just pits on the surface of the disc.Here the capacity of the disk is directly proportional to the amount of reflectivity offered by the holographic material,that means higher the reflectivity higher the capacity of disc.Now we can say that the launching of these steps is a huge step toward bringing our next generation holographic storage technology to the everyday consumer.

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