May 21, 2009

TCS biotech software Bio-Suite

Now Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is eying life sciences as one of its growth engines. The firm is readying an exclusive software package for biological research.The package - named Bio-Suite - contains computational tools and algorithms, which help in deciphering vast amounts of genetic data and protein functions.The software is aimed at expediting the drug discovery as also bringing down the cost of research.

The TCS package is aimed at providing information about functions of genes and proteins and identifying new drug candidates through smaller samples.For Bio-Suite, we have sourced about 100 algorithms from various scientific bodies to build a software that helps in analyzing gene expression and drug designing.The algorithms are libraries containing data about the functions of genes and the proteins encoded by them.Using an algorithm makes the job of studying and identifying genes and proteins responsible for a particular disorder simpler.TCS is planning to exhibit their product at the forthcoming Biotech Israel summit. With the bioinformatics industry in India still at a nascent stage, the company is eying the $1.5-bn global market.

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