March 30, 2010

Review on Cold Therapy Lawsuits

Cold therapy (sometimes referred to as “cryo therapy”) devices are used to minimize swelling resulting from surgery by cooling the inflamed or swollen area of the body. After filling the device (which resembles a cooler) with ice water, the cooling pad is placed on the affected body part. A circulating pump inside the cold therapy device continually circulates ice water to the cooling pad through connecting tubes. This helps keep the pad ice-cold for extended periods of time.

Their purpose is to minimize pain and swelling related to the surgery. With a proper prescription, these devices might even be covered by your health insurance.
What happens? Many patients aren't given proper instructions on how to use the system. As a result, the patient may over-use the system and suffer signficant injuries. There have been several instances of severe nerve damage and skin injuries such as frost bite. These types of injuries can be devastating, especially on the heels of surgery.

If you or someone you know has been severely injured as a result of cold therapy, ice machines, recirculating ice coolers, cryotherapy or other forms of cold treatment and want to file a Cold Therapy Lawsuits, then you can contact txninjurylawfirm and talk to an attorney for legal advice about a potential cold therapy lawsuit.Their attorneys will help you in providing assistance from the device company because all these attorneys are highly experienced in their job and already handled a lot of cases like those.

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