March 14, 2010

HeadCount Comparison - Infosys Vs TCS Vs Wipro

Below is the headcount comparison of three pillars of Indian IT industry.

Infosys: During the quarter, Infosys and its subsidiaries added 8,719 employees (gross). The net addition during the quarter was 4,429. During the quarter attrition inched up to 11.6%. As on December 31, 2009, the company had 1,09,882 employees by the end of the third quarter ending December 2009.

TCS: During the quarter ending December 2009, TCS made a gross addition of 12,854 employees, which includes a net addition of 7,692. TCS has over 140,000 IT consultants in 42 countries

Wipro: During the quarter, Wipro crossed the 1 lakh-employee mark. Wipro added 4,855 employees, or about 5%, during the December quarter. Last quarter saw Wipro making the biggest staff addition in more than two years.

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