June 2, 2010

Best Gold Deals

The U.S. dollar fell to a one-month low against the euro on Friday as risk tolerance rose on strong euro zone economic data, but the U.S. currency gained against the yen on U.S. retail sales data.The biggest monthly increase on record in euro zone industrial output in January and an upward revision of figures for December prompted the initial rise in risk tolerance. The rise in the euro against the dollar fed on itself as traders covered near-record euro short positions, or bets that the euro had room to fall, to prevent losses.U.S. February retail sales data then boosted hopes that the world's biggest economy is on a path to recovery.

Strong investor buying on Monday pushed the price of gold above $900 a troy ounce, hitting a 3½-month high in dollar terms and posting all-time highs in euro and sterling, in a stark sign of money seeking refuge from equities and bond markets. Traders-investors, particularly in continental Europe and the UK, were pouring money into investing in gold – a popular way to gain access to the metal – and also noted strong buying of physical gold, from coins to bars.

So,what can I suggest from this is only that buy gold coins, it is the best time.

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