June 24, 2010

Anti oxidants for free radicals

Antioxidants are intimately involved in the prevention of cellular damage -- the common pathway for cancer, aging, and a variety of diseases. The scientific community has begun to unveil some of the mysteries surrounding this topic, and the media has begun whetting our thirst for knowledge. Athletes have a keen interest because of health concerns and the prospect of enhanced performance and/or recovery from exercise. The purpose of this article is to serve as a beginners guide to what antioxidants are and to briefly review their role in exercise and general health. What follows is only the tip of the iceberg in this dynamic and interesting subject.

Endurance exercise can increase oxygen utilization from 10 to 20 times over the resting state. This greatly increases the generation of free radicals, prompting concern about enhanced damage to muscles and other tissues. The question that arises is, how effectively can athletes defend against the increased free radicals resulting from exercise? Do athletes need to take extra antioxidants?

Because it is not possible to directly measure free radicals in the body, scientists have approached this question by measuring the by-products that result from free radical reactions. If the generation of free radicals exceeds the antioxidant defenses then one would expect to see more of these by-products. These measurements have been performed in athletes under a variety of conditions.

Glutathione (gamma-glutamyl-cysteinyl-glycine; GSH) is the most abundant low-molecular-weight thiol, and GSH/glutathione disulfide is the major redox couple in animal cells. The synthesis of GSH from glutamate, cysteine, and glycine is catalyzed sequentially by two cytosolic enzymes, gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase and GSH synthetase. Compelling evidence shows that GSH synthesis is regulated primarily by gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase activity, cysteine availability, and GSH feedback inhibition. Animal and human studies demonstrate that adequate protein nutrition is crucial for the maintenance of GSH homeostasis. In addition, enteral or parenteral cystine, methionine, N-acetyl-cysteine, and L-2-oxothiazolidine-4-carboxylate are effective precursors of cysteine for tissue GSH synthesis.

These initial products position OXIS for a feasible entry into the wellness market with a lot of room for expansion. This paves the way for solid partnerships with leaders in the industry with an established customer base or those with the capacity to build one. The ultimate goal is to be regarded as a health partner. For now, it may be penny stocks for OXIS, but with more nutraceutical products lined up (including functional foods like nutrition bars and energy beverages sold over the Internet and through multi-level marketing, infomercials, direct mail, and retail outlets), the future of OXIS is secure and will benefit people all over, allowing them to be healthy and young.


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June 17, 2010

My new mobile:Samung Corby Mate

This phone has a four-line slide-out QWERTY keyboard on the left of the display screen.The Samsung Corby Mate has a 2-inch TFT display screen with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, a 2-mega pixel camera with multi-shot modes, photo effects, and video player, and FM radio.The Corby Mate is a GSM quadband phone that runs Samsung’s proprietary operating system. It will be available in four colors, Black, Pink, Blue and Green.The phone is more suited to messaging and social networking. The Samsung Corby Mate provides quick messaging access, threaded inbox, and home screen shortcuts for direct access to social networking sites.Connectivity specifications of the phone include WAP, Bluetooth, SyncML(DS), SyncML(DM), PC Sync Application, and HTML Browser.

The phone comes with 40MB internal memory expandable to 8GB with MicroSD card.The Samsung Corby Mate comes with a standard 800mAh battery with talk time up to 9 Hrs and standby time up to 324 hrs.


Display screen TFT, 256K colors, 240 x 320 pixels, 2.0 inches

Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP

USB v2.0

GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 – 48 kbps


EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps

Camera 2 MP, 1600×1200 pixels, video recording

Radio Stereo FM with RDS

Colors Black, Pink, Blue, Green

Battery Standard battery, Li-Ion 800 mAh
Stand-by time Up to 380 h
Talk time Up to 5 h

June 15, 2010

Gold Bars At its best

As all we know,Gold is the proven, quality, long-term wealth store during a slide into deep crisis - the one which everyone else comes to in a bit of a panic.Even if, to begin with, the early buyers are buying gold purely to protect their wealth they still tend to multiply their money, because they are subconsciously anticipating future demand. The best investments do this.

The trick with gold is to understand the causes for these rolling phases, to recognise them, and to act appropriately. If you own gold at the right time you will own a fast appreciating asset when normal business assets, and money itself, are tumbling in value.Owning gold in good phase is very profitable. In the 5 years after the 1929 crash gold's investment purchasing power rose 17 times.In the decade of the 1970s gold's investment purchasing power rose 15 times.So far in gold's current re-emergence, with the economic situation looking every bit as as hostile as the 30s and the 70s, gold's price has multiplied by about 3 times. By comparison with those previous cycles it is still nearer the bottom than the top.

The gold bar has long been a symbol of power, wealth, and beauty. It is truly both a treasure and an icon. Gold bullion bars have been featured in fairy tales of dragons hording jewels and captured treasure, in the myths of Aladdin, and in countless heist movies,. Gold's appeal stems from the fact that it is recognized as a commodity in practically every major civilized culture in the world.

If you want to know how to buy gold bars there are several considerations to weigh carefully, especially if you are trying to decide if if gold bullion coins or gold bullion bars is a better choice.

Gold does not appear as bullion in its natural state. Gold must be extracted and refined via careful manufacturing processes. Sometimes, gold is found as nuggets in particularly rich mineral veins. However, a lot of gold is found by carefully sifting it out of stream-fed alluvial deposits. Throughout history, treasure hunters have risked life and limb to lay claim to territories wealthy with natural gold deposits.No 100 percent pure gold bullion bar exists. Even with the best purification techniques, gold can only be purified to approximately 99.99 percent. Coin collectors, in particular, love to gather silver and gold bullion coins minted by countries like the United States and China.

China developes fastest SuperComputer

China has developed a supercomputer that runs at more than one quadrillion (one thousand million million) calculations per second, making it the fastest one in the country, experts have said.The supercomputer named "Xingyun", has been developed in Tianjin, and works at double the speed of "Tianhe-1", the previous fastest machine in China.The Tianhe-1 was developed by the National University of Defence Technology in October 2009, Li Jun, president of the Dawning Information Industry Co Ltd, was quoted as saying by Xinhua.

"Its peak performance reaches nearly three quadrillion calculations per second, three times the peak speed of Tianhe-1," Li said.

Experts say one second of its work may take a whole day for a dual-core personal computer."Xingyun" is the server of "Dawning 6000", jointly developed by the company, Chinese Academy of Sciences Calculation Institution, and the South China Supercomputing Centre, for cloud computing and DNA sequencing purposes, officials said.By the end of 2010, "Dawning 6000" will be delivered to the National Supercomputing Centre in Shenzhen in Guangdong province for use in information services in southern China, including Hong Kong and Macao.Beijing-based Dawning Information Industry Co Ltd was founded in 1995 and is the country's leading company in the field of high-performance computers.

June 11, 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa: The Ultimate Guide To Digital Delight

Today’s the big day. TechCrunch turns five years old. And oh, there’s a huge football – no, not ‘soccer’ – event kicking off in South Africa too.

Many of you will be missing the opening match(es) while you’re out celebrating our birthday and 5 years of change on the Web all over the world, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to catch up from your mobile phone, or look up what went down on the Internet when – or if – you make it back home.Here’s our ultimate guide to how you can keep track of all things World Cup 2010 on the Web and/or through mobile applications. Sure, Mike Butcher over at TechCrunch Europe already posted a few pointers, and Nicholas Deleon from CrunchGear tried to compile an exhaustive list of websites, apps and podcasts as well.



Microsoft has detailed its plans for the World Cup two days ago.Bing Instant Answers aims to bring you all the latest details, the schedule, upcoming games, live scores group standings, and more. The results will show in the U.S. and 30 other countries (why not everywhere, we have no idea).Redmond also lets you visualize the World Cup teams on Bing.There is also a Bing Map App that will be displaying FIFA live data on Bing Maps, including team fixtures, results, news, photos, venues, a Photosynth hub for World Cup images, and a Twitter map that will display all of the World Cup related tweets.Finally, Bing has released a South Africa Bing Map imagery update, so you can see the stadiums where all the games will take place.

Google is making it easy to keep track of the schedule and groups – just run a search for ‘world cup’ and the basic info will be displayed right on top. Also, there’s a cute easter egg to be found at the bottom, just in case you weren’t aware yet.YouTube sports a custom logo for the occasion (as does Google Search), and is shining a big spotlight on the World Cup on its homepage, too.Google also announced earlier that there’s new Street View imagery around seven new football stadiums in South Africa (see them in 3D here).

The logo on the Yahoo homepage today is animated for the World Cup kick-off, and leads to the company’s sports vertical, where Yahoo will be keeping track of news, photos, videos, results etc. Yahoo is also featuring shortcuts to relevant links when you enter certain search terms (e.g. world cup schedule).Yahoo has also launched a skinnable, themed toolbar (see Flickr) and has signed a deal with David Beckham to function as its brand ambassador and whatnot.

Facebook today posted its ‘guide to the world cup’. The company is running a global competition to see which country has the most passionate football fans – you can check out the leaderboard here (Chile is winning right now).Facebook also has some official broadcast partners that enable users to share status updates and comments while you watch the events live on TV by using Facebook’s Live Stream social plugin. Partners, by country, are listed in the blog post and here.

June 4, 2010

Silver: Gold for Poor man

Buying silver bullion bars online has become the easiest way to invest in silver. Many people have realized the importance of diversifying their investments after the stock market crash of 2008. By investing in silver bullion bars, you can hedge yourself against the weakening of dollar. The price of precious metals does not fall with the collapse of economy. On the other hand, your stock market investments could plunge during the periods of slow economic growth or recession. But precious metals like silver will not lose sheen even in tough times. It is also your best bet against inflation.

Nowadays, many people prefer to buy silver bullion bars online. You can purchase them directly from usgoldbureau.com that is a recognised name in the field of metal deals.
Before you buy, you should have basic knowledge about silver ingots. These bars come in sizes varying from 1 oz to 1000 oz. The most common sizes are 10 oz and 100 oz. Most of the manufacturers stamp their bars with information on weight, purity, and brand. So, before you buy, you should check this information on the bar.Therefore, always buy them from a reputed seller like usgoldbureau.

If you want to buy silver bullion bars for sole investment purpose, you should stick to the one that are simple without any intricate designs. The latter are costly and command quite a high premium over the spot price of silver. Therefore, you should buy a basic ingot, which has a low premium. The lower the costs of investing in ingots, the higher would be your returns. You should get the one with the purity of 99.99 per cent.

The next important thing is to decide the size of the silver bar bullion. You can choose from 1 oz, 10 oz, 100 oz, and 1000 oz, depending upon the amount that you want to allocate to your silver investment. Getting sizes like 5 oz or 50 oz is difficult, as they are non-standard sizes. If you are looking for a highly liquid investment, you should choose between 10 oz and 100 oz silver bullion bars. Most people prefer them and therefore they are easy to sell. Your cost of investment will also depend on size. If you buy several ingots of small sizes, you will have to incur higher premiums than while buying a single big sized ingot.

NetApp overtakes HP, Dell

NetApp Inc surged past three rivals to move into second place in the market for external data storage equipment, whose overall sales grew 17 per cent to $5 billion in the first quarter, according to market researcher IDC.IDC said that NetApp was in a statistical tie with IBM and behind industry giant EMC Corp during the quarter ended March 31. NetApp's sales climbed 47 per cent from a year earlier to $550 million.While that was behind the $579 million posted by IBM, IDC said it considers the two tied because their total market share is within less than a percentage point of each other. IBM owned 11.7 per cent of the market during the first quarter, up from 11.2 per cent a year earlier, while NetApp's share climbed to 11.1 per cent from 8.8 per cent."That's a very big increase in market share," said IDC analyst Steve Scully. EMC's revenue climbed 38 per cent from a year earlier to $1.2 billion. Its market share rose from 21 per cent to 24.6 per cent, according to IDC.

Its sales were buoyed by revenue from Data Domain, a company it acquired in July. Scully said that NetApp's market share has been growing so rapidly because it has a broad range of products that appeal to small, mid-sized and large companies.
They all run on the same operating system, which makes it easy to upgrade as a company grows, he added. A year ago, NetApp ranked sixth-place in IDC's rankings behind EMC, Hewlett-Packard Co, IBM, Dell Inc and Hitachi Ltd. NetApp's shares have doubled over the past year. Shares in its competitors have climbed between 10 per cent and 45 per cent.

IBM bags Electra Card deal

Technology giant IBM today said that it has signed a 10-year multi-million dollar agreement with ElectraCard Services (ECS) for providing business continuity services.The agreement, signed in March this year, will facilitate operational expertise and solution capability for ECS's disaster recovery infrastructure, IBM said in a statement.As part of the agreement, IBM will manage ECS infrastructure at the disaster recovery site, located at the tech giant's data point in Bangalore as well as its primary IT centre in Mumbai, making it one of the largest-managed resiliency service deals in India.IBM will enable ECS to align its IT initiatives, such as risk management, with the latter's continued business requirements while reducing capital expenditure, the company said.ElectraCard Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Opus Software Solutions, provides business-critical applications and third-party processing services for credit and payment management globally.

June 2, 2010

Best Gold Deals

The U.S. dollar fell to a one-month low against the euro on Friday as risk tolerance rose on strong euro zone economic data, but the U.S. currency gained against the yen on U.S. retail sales data.The biggest monthly increase on record in euro zone industrial output in January and an upward revision of figures for December prompted the initial rise in risk tolerance. The rise in the euro against the dollar fed on itself as traders covered near-record euro short positions, or bets that the euro had room to fall, to prevent losses.U.S. February retail sales data then boosted hopes that the world's biggest economy is on a path to recovery.

Strong investor buying on Monday pushed the price of gold above $900 a troy ounce, hitting a 3½-month high in dollar terms and posting all-time highs in euro and sterling, in a stark sign of money seeking refuge from equities and bond markets. Traders-investors, particularly in continental Europe and the UK, were pouring money into investing in gold – a popular way to gain access to the metal – and also noted strong buying of physical gold, from coins to bars.

So,what can I suggest from this is only that buy gold coins, it is the best time.


Simply put, FireWire is a much faster mode of transfer of data today — even faster than the USB.It is typically used to connect to high-bandwidth devices such as digital cameras and camcorders to enable quick sharing of information. The standard was originally created by Apple and was standardised in 1995 as IEEE 1394 High Performance Serial Bus. FireWire Ports can be found on almost all high-end cameras and laptops, such as Apple’s latest MacBook Pro. It is also at times referred to as Sony i.Link, but is more popularly known as FireWire.

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