February 27, 2008

The era of tera

As all we know this is the age of science. In this scientific age computers played an important role in everyone’s life.A few years ago we thinked that if any computer executed thousands instruction per second then it is sufficient for any task,but as the requirement increases it is required to execute millions of instructions per second for that dual core and quad core processors are launched but these were hot topics only for a meanwhile.As the demand for computing power increases,the industry is moving towards “massively multi core technology”,in this technology such types of processors are required that can execute trillions of instructions per second.Hence in this order to achieve these task “teraflop” processors are launched.The performance of first teraflop computer is not as per requirements,there are some drawbacks associated with it,like it occupies a great space(more than 180 squares meters) and consumed 500 kilowatts of electricity and was powered by nearly 10,000 Pentium pro processors.In 2007, Intel achieved the same performance on a multi-core chip not bigger than a finger nail and consuming only 62 watts of power.On its launching its official stated that whenever in future,if there is need for this huge computing power ,then the end products will definitely come.The company revealed the artificial intelligence,instant video communications,photo realistic games,multimedia data mining could become everyday realities.
The company also demonstrated a computer based on the 80-core chip running a scientific calculation at speeds above 1 trillion mathematical calculations per second.This level of performance is equivalent to that world’s fastest supercomputer of a decade ago.As all we knows performance is not directly related to the numbers of cores in a processor because after a certain level it starts diminishing.

As from all these points it is clear that “tera scale”computing has a bright future.If the world requires this high amount of computing power in future,”the era of tera” will definitely become a reality.

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