February 27, 2008

InfraRed Communication

As all we know what are the Infrared radiations, these are the radiations that are not visible from naked eyes, we can feel only these rays by their heating effect. More about infrared rays we can say that in daily life the heat that we received from the sun is the form of Infra red radiation. As all we know in the electromagnetic spectrum infrared radiations lies between microwaves and visible light,hence it can be used as a source of communication. As, here I going to tell u how infrared technology used incommunication. For infra red communication a photoled transmitter and a photodiode receptor is required. In Infrared communication the LED transmitter transmits the infrared signal as bursts of non-visible light. At the receiver end a photo-diode or a photo receptor detects and captures the light pulses,which are then proceed to retrieve the information they contain. In this way the information between the source and the target is transferred.The source and target can be mobile phones, laptops and any other thing that supports wireless communication. The main advantage of Infrared communication is that the power requirement for it is very low,hence it is best suitable for laptops,telephones etc.The circuitiry cost for it is also low.As the information transferred through infrared communication is highly secure because the data flow between the source and the target is unidirectional, means directionality of the infrared beam ensures that isn’t leaked or move to nearby devices as it’s transmitted.With having advantage, it also had some disadvantages like for data transmission between the source and target they must be directly aligned means both of them able to see each other. One of the major disadvantage of Infrared communication is that it is of short range in nature means it can not work when the source and target are at large distance from each other. The information transmitted through IR communication is easily affected by obstacles like peoples, walls etc, if they exists in the way of line of transmission, hence complete data is not received. The IR communication is also effected by environmental condition like weather, sunlight, rain, pollution etc. From all these points it is clear that IR communication is not a suitable method of wireless communication. Today, there are many technologies exists that are much better than IR like Bluetooth, Wi-fi etc.

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