February 10, 2008

Network Wizard

Hello friends in this blog, I am going to tell u some intresting point about “Network Hardware”.I hope it will be beneficial for you if going through it.Now,I start my point from the what technical issues involved in network design. As,all we know that there is no accepted taxonomy(design) into which all computer networks fit.Hence,for the sake of this problem it is assumed that whole network architecture depends on the following dimension:

1. Transmission Technology

2. Scale

Now here we put our whole concentration over the how Networks re classified on the basis of scale.On the basis of scale netwoks are classified as PAN,LAN,MAN and WAN,now further we define each one and how they works.

First of all we start with PAN implies Personal Area Network.From the name it is clear that this type of network belongs to one person.The most common example of PAN is Wireless network like Bluetooth,Infrared etc.For ex: a computer is connected to its parts like mouse,keyboard through any of these wireless technology.

Now,we move one step ahead and come on our next network category i.e LAN simply means Local Area Network are privately owned networks within a single building or campus of up to a few kilometers in size.Genrally,they are used to connect personal computers and workstations in comapanies,colleges,workstations to share the resources(eg.printer and scanner).Actually,LAN’s are restricted in size,which means that we have known our worst case transmission time in advance.LAN’s uses wire to connect all computers through main server for its transmission.Traditional LAN’s runs at a speed of 10Mbps t0 100Mbps and make very few errors during its transmission.LAN can be of any type it may either in the form of bus(i.e a linear cable network) or in the form of ring network.Now I stop my discussion here on LAN and move on next step i.e MAN.

MAN simply implies Metropolitan Area Network used whenever it is required to connect a city or to cover wide range.The best known example for MAN is the cable television network available in the cities.There are some drawbacks in MAN due to which it is not frequently used,in place of it WAN is used which is our next step.

A wide area network or WAN,spans a large geographical area often a country or continent.It contains a collection of machines used for running user application.Traditionally these machines are known as hosts.These hosts are connected by a communication subnet.The main task of these subnetys are to carry messages from host to host.WAN manily consists two components the one is Transmission lines and the second one is switching elements.The main task of transmission line is to carry information while on the other hand Switching elements are the specalized computers that are connected to three or more transmission lines.Now,here I stop writing it is not possible for me to cover all about network hardware,but I tried my best to explain it in short.I hope u enjoyed it.

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