June 6, 2009

CMS tool Mambo

Mambo is another popular content management tool and it is very easy to use.It is an open source CMS developed by the Mambo foundation,which is a non-profit organization.The current version of the Mambo is 4.5.4,which is the final release in the 4.5.x series.The developers are focused on the next version of Mambo that is 4.6 which is expected to introduce many new features.

Requirements:The minimum requirement for Mambo are Apache(version 1.3.19 or above),MySQL(version 3.23.x or above) and PHP(4.2.x).It works well with almost all of the browsers including Firefox,Opera,Internet Explorer and Safari(Mac).

Mambo has had its share of controversies ,however.In 2005,due to internal disputes ,a breakaway faction of Mambo developers formed Joomla,a CMS based on Mambo.After this, the rights to the Mambo code base wer transferred to the Mambo foundation.Mambo is released under the GPL.UK magazine Linux Format adjudged mambo as the Best Free software project of the Year in 2004.Mambo was also named as the Best Open Source Software Solution at Linux World,San Fransisco, in 2005.

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