June 5, 2009

Introduction to PHP-Nuke

PHP-Nuke is one of the most popular content management system around,with a huge user base.PHP-Nuke is a free software and is released under the GNU General Public License or GPL.It was originally based on Thatware,a news portal system.The current version of PHP-Nuke that is in use is 7.9.Until version 7.5,the latest version of PHP-Nuke was available for download on their site.However,since version 7.5,a small fee which was $10 is charged for downloading the latest version of the PHP-Nuke.However,being free software and licensed under the GPL,you can freely distribute the source code of the PHP-Nuke.According to the developers,the fee paid for downloading the PHP-Nuke is used for further development of the CMS.Besides, for small businesses and independent developers looking for a CMS,the fee is small considering the features offered by the PHP-Nuke.However,earlier versions of the PHP-Nuke are available for download free of cost.

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