June 16, 2009

Microsoft Arc

The unusually designed object you see here is one of the latest pointing device from microsoft, and it’s called the Arc. The Arc looks something like the Logitech MX Air, but is in fact just another mouse with a different design.

The Arc is a wireless mouse that comes with a tiny little bluetooth dongle which also attachs itself neatly to the back and controls the device upto 30 feet range. The mouse can fold, very much like the foldable phones we see everyday. This both turns off the mouse and also useful for carrying it around.With it folded, the Arc can easily fit into any shirt or pant pocket. Its also very good looking, with its dark color and the transparent glossy finish.There are no issues with using it despite the unusual shape. It has more or less the same comfort levels as any other mouse. Performance doesn’t suffer either. There is no lag whatsoever. It makes a good desktop mouse, but the same can’t be said as a gaming mouse. the mouse feet aren’t very large and don’t seem to help the mouse slide around as easily as the other mice we’ve tested.The scroll wheel is OK, and apart from the standard three button setup, a fourth button is available on the left side that can be customize through the IntelliPoint drivers.

The mouse runs on two AA batteries, but is still pretty lightweight. The folding mechanism is sturdy and doesn’t look like it will give way anytime soon. The mouse is symmetrical, so left handed users will have no cause for complaint. A small pouch is also supplied, to help you carry the mouse.The price for the Arc is around $85 and laptop mouse can be bought for well under this price tag. If you want something light and compact, with a stylish design, this is a good buy.

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