May 23, 2008

Adobe Profile

In my opinion there is not any computer user that is not aware of the term Adobe, ya i am talking about the world's one of the most famous company in the field of graphic design, publishing and imaging software for print, Web and video production. We are using its various products on the computer in our daily life like Adobe Acrobat reader, Adobe photoshop and many other than these products. Here i am going to provide you full information about the Adobe Like their profile, test pattern, their package and many other things. So lets begin with the profile of this company.

Adobe Systems Incorporated is founded by Mr Warnock. Adobe Systems Incorporated (Adobe) provides graphic design, publishing and imaging software for print, Web and video production. Its customers include creative professionals like graphic designers, Web designers, videographers, photographers and professional publishers; enterprise users include knowledge workers, information technology managers line of business managers, and executives; and consumers include, digital imaging and digital video hobbyists and enthusiasts. Abode categorizes its products into four principal business segments: Creative Professional, Digital Imaging and Video, Intelligent Documents, and OEM PostScript and Other. Abode has operations in the Americas, Europe Middle East Africa (EMEA) and Asia. Abode’s software runs on Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, Linux, UNIX and various non-personal computer platforms, depending on the product. During the fiscal year ended December 3, 2004 (fiscal 2004), Abode acquired privately held Q-Link Technologies.

Test Pattern:-
The test pattern that Adobe follows is: There are 4 sections in their paper as following: 1.a: 15 questions 15min (reasoning mcqs)
quantitative: 30min 30 questions (maths and generic mcqs)
3. Computers: data structures (
linkedlist and graph.. a question on quad-a tree with max 4 nodes), algorithms (writing a few), compilers (make a dfa of a given expression), output evaluation
[1 hour]
4. C/Java: 5 questions of C paper

The package that it offers is different for different colleges like as:
In NIT'S it offers from 5 lac to 6.15 lac per annum
In IIT'S they offers from 7 lac to 8.05 lac per annum

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