May 25, 2008

Cisco Profile

If any person had a little bit knowledge of networking in computers then he or she is definitely aware of the name Cisco,ya you are thinking correct i am talking about the Cisco Systems. In this post you will found the Cisco profile,what is its test pattern and what package it offers in different colleges.

Profile:- As all we know Cisco Systems is the world wide leader in networking,and with its establishment it made a great impact in the networking world. Cisco Systems was founded in 1984 by a small group of computer scientists from Stanford University. Actually in the development of Cisco systems two persons had played an important role first is Leonard Bosack(in image) who was its founder and his ex-wife Sandra Lerner who was co-founder of Cisco Systems.With its establishment Cisco Systems inception has been in the forefront of developing Internet Protocol (IP)-based networking technologies. his tradition of innovation continues with Cisco continuing to develop industry-leading products in the core areas of routing and switching as well as advanced technologies in home networking, optical networking, storage networking, IP telephony, network security and Wireless LAN.

Cisco Advanced Services incorporates a unique three tiered program offering a real world life cycle process to help you achieve your business objectives.In India Cisco has its development centers in Chennai and Bangalore,India is one of Cisco's fastest growing regions.Today Cisco Systems become the main software application and appliance development center for Cisco and are leading the way in network management applications. For more information about Cisco Systems you can also visit:

Test Pattern: Cisco examination test is conducted in 3 rounds as following:
1.Written Test: It consists of questions from:
20 Questions from Aptitude
30 Questions from C
20 Questions from Networking
20 Questions from Java(optional)
20 Questions from Operating System
Here Java section is optional,To clear the written test just be thorough with C. Concentrate more on Pointers.
2.Technical Interview:The written test is followed by a lengthy technical interview. The interview may last up to 1 hour or more. It is entirely technical with questions on all basic fundamentals.
3.HR Interview

Package:In IIT KGP cisco offers 7.1 lac for UG and 8.97 lac for PG.
In General its actual figure is like this

B. TECH. RS. 710533 - 793677 [ CTC ]
M. TECH. RS. 897822 - 1024830 [ CTC ]

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