July 7, 2008

$100 Laptop

Hello friends in this post i am not going to told you any technical concept,but in this post i told you about one of the cheapest(in terms of cost) laptop that exists in the electronic market for the children.

The $100 laptop is also known as the children's machine but today it is named as XO-1. XO-1 is a new type of laptop that was developed for the children of the developing countries of the world.The main reason behind the development of this $100 laptop is to encourage education and alleviate third world poverty so that the children in these countries have excess of knowledge and opportunities to explore, experiment and express themselves.
The main contribution for the development of $100 laptop is goes to social welfare organization OLTP(One Laptop per child) and these laptops are manufactured by the Quanta Computers a Taiwanese company.The size of this laptop is same as the size of the notebook and it have weight less than 1.5 kg.The display feature that this $100 laptop has 7.5 inch LCD screen,in addition to this it has an advanced display feature that is it changes its colors from colors to black and white in the bright light.
This laptop has a string pulley, which Walter Bender of OLPC likens to a salad spinner, powers the battery in which one minute of pulling generates 10 minutes of power.This laptop also has some advanced features like it has webcam,has programs to create music and have wireless networking capabilities.Now regarding the development of this laptop the OLPC project plans to roll out approximately 2,500 laptops to eight countries in February 2007. The intention is to produce five million laptops by July 2007, scaling to 50 million by 2008. This version of the $100 laptop, called XO, will cost $150 but the expectation is that mass production will bring the cost down to $100 by 2008 and below that figure by 2010.

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