July 16, 2008

Multiprocessor Systems

Hello friends now we switch to next important part of any computer system i.e operating system.Now onwards we discuss all the systems that are closely related to the operting system.Here i am going to start this section with the multiprocessor systems.

Now begin with the definition of the multiprocessor systems.If any system that contains more than one general purpose CPU,then these types of systems are known as the multiprocessor systems.Multiprocessor systems are also known as Parallel systems and tightly coupled systems.In these types of systems two or more processors are in close communication ,sharing the bus and sometimes the clock,memory and peripheral devices.

The multiprocessor systems are more advantageous over the single processor systems.The first advantage of this system is that the overall throughput is increased.The second advantage is the economy of scale.Multiprocessor systems can cost less than equivalent multiple single-processor systems,because they can share peripherals,mass storage, and power supplies.The third advantage of this system is that our system becomes more reliable.If functions can be distributed properly among the several processors,then the failure of one processor will not halt the system only slow it down.

Now a days the multiprocessor systems that are used of two types.These two types are asymmetric multiprocessing and symmetric multiprocessing.

Asymmetric Multiprocessing: In this system of multiprocessing each processor is assigned a specific task.A master processor controls the system,the other processors either look to the master for instruction or have predefined tasks.This scheme defines a master slave relationship.The master processor schedules and allocates work to the slave processors.

Symmetric Multiprocessing:In this system of multiprocessing each processor performs all tasks within the operating system.Symmetric multiprocessing means that all processors are peers,no master slave relationship exists between the processors.The main benefit of this system is that many processes can run simultaneously on this system.If there are N CPUs then N processes can run simultaneously without any deterioration.

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