July 2, 2008

Server Installation on your PC

Hello friends in this post i am going to tell you about how the server is installed on a normal computer and why their exists a different operating system for server installation.

Before we know how server is installed on a normal computer,first of all we had to know what is server.In general terms we can say that a server is a computer that provide services to other computers.But here we mainly concentrate on Client/Server networking,hence server is a program that awaits and fulfills requests from client programs in the same or other computers.Now server can be of any type it may be file server,print server,network server or database server.These servers are known as dedicated servers because they are doing a specific task.Now for the installation of server on your computer you can choose from Windows 2000 sever edition,Windows 2003 sever edition and Windows 2008 sever edition.All these are windows operating systems like your Windows XP and Windows Vista.In starting of installation you will see this image to continue for installation press ENTER.

The main difference between the server edition operating systems and normal(XP,Vista)operating systems is that the later operating system did not contain Active Directory that's why these normal operating systems cannot work as a server operating systems.This Active Directory is a type of database that contains the information of all the users,whom server has given the permission to access local computer.The installation of server on your computer is almost similar as installation of normal XP and Vista,but the only difference between two is that for making it to the server you had to install Active Directory in it.For installing Active Directory following steps are taken:
1.Go to the run
2.Type the command "dcpromo"
3.After it just press next and your Active Directory is active

Once the active directory is installed on your computer then your server becomes the Domain Controller,that means it controls all the computers that are client to it. After finishing installation process you will see this image.To continue here press ALT+CTRL+DEL.

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