July 15, 2008

Made your own Virus(harmless)

Hello friends now i switch to my regular trend,that means in this post i am going to see you how you can made a harmless virus for any computer.Hope you like it.

The virus that i am going to tell you is known as shutdown virus.On clicking the virus it activated and your computer is turned off automatically,and their is no way to stop that shutdown.This virus is totally harmless and does not affect your computer.Its a normal shutdown process.Now you can made this virus by simply following these steps.Steps must be followed in that order in which i mention otherwise it will not work.Steps are following:

Step:1 Go to your desktop and right click their on clicking you see a "new" option which has many options in it, then select "new shortcut" from it option.
Step2: On doing this you see a frame like in figure.Type shutdown -s -t 1000 -c "Comment" in the textfield.In this command the numeric value "1000" represents the time in seconds after which computer shut down.You can set this value as per your choice.The comment in the command represents the message that you want to displayed when the computer is going to shutdown.
Step3: On clicking next you see a next window in which you are asked to gave it the name.Now to make this virus more exciting gave it name of "Internet Explorer".You can also gave it name of your choice.After giving it name your virus is complete.Now in the last step you have to assign it an image of internet explorer as you gave it name "Internet Explorer".

Step4: Now for giving its a image, right click on the virus and select properties.In properties select shortcut.In shortcut select change icon option.After that you see a frame click OK in that and select the image of internet explorer.After this step your Internet Explorer Virus is complete.

Now the main question that arises in your mind is that is their any way to disable this virus.This virus is so attached to your operating system that task manager is also helpless in front of it.The only way to disable it is this:
Go the the start button click on it,then select run from it.Then type "shutdown -a" in the textfield of run,after on click on OK button this virus is disabled and your computer come out from the shutdown state.

Hope you enjoy it.

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