October 2, 2008

Samsung to produce new DRAM

Now the latest news from the field of technology is the launching of new DRAM by Samsung.
Samsung Electronics Co, world's largest computer memory chipmaker, is planning to begin mass production of its latest and fastest chip model from next month, a statement said on Monday.
The company will begin production of its 2-gigabit DDR3 DRAM chip, which is approximately 1.6-times faster than last year's DDR2 DRAM model, starting next month.Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM), also referred to as memory chips, is used in personal computers and other electronic devices such as mobile phones.The new model, which is to be produced under 50-nano etching technology, will bring about a 60-per cent increase in production efficiency due to the much-reduced size of the chip, according to Samsung.

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