October 15, 2008

Now Global Recession affects IT executives life

As the global recessionary trends not only affect the Indian software market but also affect the lives of the software executives.First all these software executives are threaten only of their job but now their stands up a new problem in front of these executives.This new problem is related to the personal life of the IT executives because now the parents of brides are no longer looking for IT grooms for their daughters after the recession condition.This global who have apprehensions about the fluctuating signs in the information technology sector. Now the parents of brides are looking for non IT professionals for their daughters because they think their will be a secure future in a non IT field.According to a report, India's IT export growth could be slower than its July forecast of a 21-24 per cent rise to about 50 billion dollars in the year to March.As all we know that Europe and Asia are the big clients of Indian software companies like TCS,Infosys,Wipro and Satyam Computers.Indian IT firms have also been expanding in Europe and elsewhere to cut their dependence on US. But the risk of global recession is a worry for the sector, which was used to a scorching pace of growth.In short i would like to say only this,global recession has affect the life of everyone that relaates to IT field.

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