October 19, 2008

Make money from your blog with Snapbomb

Hello friends if you have a well maintained blog having nice google pagerank,nice alexa rank,having link popularity and want to earn money from your blog then you are most welcomed at snapbomb.com.Here at snapbomb you had to just simply sign up with them and add your blog in the add blog section of it.Once you have added your blog you have to install a code in your blog so that the snapbomb.com can predict the actual value of your blog.The value that it determines it is in the range(for ex:from $1 to $10),and this range is updated regularly.

The range that they determined is totally on the basis of quality of your blog,that means how the well your blog is maintained.Quality and Quantity both matters here.Once your blog value is given,then you can visit their find an opportunity page for more opportunities.In addition to this they provide a bonus task for every blogger so that they can their blog marketing with snapbomb.Once you complete this task and submit the URL then your post will be reviewed by them and a rating is given to your blog that will really help of you in receiving new opportunities.
Here you can earn a lot of buzz by submitting more than one blog in your account section.The more blog you add the more is the chance of blog marketing and more you can earn.Regarding their payment scheme, you had to submit your paypal id on which you want to receive your earnings.They sent you your total earnings on every 5th of the next month and the best thing is that their is no minimum payment limit here,that means if you earn only 1 dollar in one month then also you will receive your payment.In my opinion this is one of the best place for bloggers to maximum optimizing their blog and earn a lot of buzz with it.

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