October 9, 2008

Want Prizes, use Microsoft search

As all we know that according to web traffic figures Google extended 63 percent of the US search market,after that Yahoo with 19.6 percent share and at third place it is Microsoft with only 8.3 percent share. Now to compete with Google and Yahoo search engines,Microsoft started a new strategy according to which use Microsoft live search and you can win airline miles, music downloads and games for Microsoft's XBox video game system.After the launching of this scheme Microsoft thinks that this will really help in increase web traffic counter of Microsoft search engine.In addition to this they also offer cash rebate to all that buy products using the Microsoft live search engine.To maintain privacy, the programme only tracks the number of searches and not the type of searches people do. SearchPerk users get one "ticket" for every search done on Microsoft, and can receive up to 25 tickets a day.The company has not yet determined how many points will be needed to claim prizes. The programme is currently available only for Internet Explorer 6 or higher.
Let's see whether this strategy of Microsoft will work or not.

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