October 7, 2008

Google postpones Yahoo online deal

As all we know that in july both Google and Yahoo was ready for their tie up in online advertising,but now this decision is postponed until they got the clean chit from the US anti-trust regulators.According to Google spokesperson,they want to give more time to US anti-trust regulators for further ramifications in the deal.As all we know that if this deal is completed then Google became the undisputed king of the internet.As against this deal Microsoft argued that the tie-up would crimp competition and give Google "unprecedented" control of the gateway to the Internet.As all we know that search is the gateway of the internet and most believe that it is, this deal will put Google in a position to own that gateway and the information that flows through it.After this deal Google will capable of putting their ads on the Yahoo search results and in this way Google will succeed in capturing the whole internet market.For the meanwhile, Senate Judicial Subcommittee chair Senator Herb Kohl has pledged close scrutiny of the deal and reportedly urged the DOJ to intervene if it looks like a Yahoo tie-up helps Google dominate online advertising.

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